Mimosas, anyone??

Yesterday, I was quoted as saying, “I’m killin it!!” I felt on top of the world, homeschooling 5 kids, getting dinner in the crock pot, making stock for tomorrow’s dinner, making cookies with the kids, spending quality time outside.

Today’s quote, at 10:17am, was, “Ok I may need to pour a mimosa.” I didn’t right then, but I definitely did around 12:30pm when I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I have a few small victories like the soup going for tonight, most of the schoolwork completed, kids fed. But I really haven’t done anything with grace or composure today. And I definitely haven’t accomplished the day’s whole to do list.

And I guess that’s probably how this quarantine is going to go. I’m assuming this whole thing is gonna last longer than 2 weeks. I’m assuming the kids will be out of school at least until after Easter. And even with that, I’m not really holding my breath.

If I can string together more yesterdays together, I’ll be happy. Hopefully getting into a routine day after day will help. I think the biggest problem is that I’m MOM trying to be their teacher. I have to teach (which I’m cool with; I’m a certified teacher) but I also am MOM. There’s complaints. There’s whining. There’s flat out refusals to work. There were even tears (only when he couldn’t draw like Mo Willems though). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Do you treat your teachers like this?” or “Do you act like this in school?” I know teachers have it hard. But Mom/Teacher is the freaking worst.

But as I told the kids, no one is happy about this situation. We still have to make the best of it. We have to suck it up and deal with what we’re given because we have no choice!!!

So we’ll plug on. I’ll plan for a better tomorrow. And always rememeber there’s a case of Prosecco and a case of orange juice in my garage.

What keeps me going…

By Brody

Ugh, could you die??? This kid just knows exactly how to refill my cup. He’s also super skilled at emptying it, too, but we won’t go there right now. That’s us playing soccer together. ūü•į

I love love love artwork like this. I’m going to frame this one for sure. It makes me smile every time I see it! Kid totally melted my heart.

Spring School Sibling Picture

Here’s another one! This def reminds me how lucky I am, and how much I’m loved and needed. My ‚̧s.

I hang these things up because in certain moments, I NEED a reminder of why I’m on this planet, of why I need to put on my big girl panties and keep truckin’.

Because I’m Mom. Mommy. Mama. MOMMAY! And don’t forget Mommymommymommymommymommy.

Still here…

Ok, it’s been forever since I’ve posted, I know. I’ve felt guilty about that during my whole hiatus. Enough to write about 15 drafts and never hit “publish”.

I’ve been in a place. I’ve been grieving the loss of my father, going through things on the homefront, going through things personally…pretty much just trying to catch my breath for months and months. Bouncing from one commitment to the next, one project to the next, one unexpected illness to the next, one drama to the next. Every time I think, “ok i just need like two weeks where I don’t get slapped in the face,” here comes another load of crap to deal with. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said, “ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME????” I’d be on a month-long well-deserved vacation at Atlantis right now.

So, basically, it’s been chaos and craziness, but we are all still here…plugging away. Working for better days ahead.

The kids, however, are mostly untouched by all the behind-the-scenes drama. All they know is they get to see their friends at school every day and at sports every week, they got to go to Disney World for the first time and are just living their best lives. Even a stomach bug can’t bring them down for too long (which we are currently on our 4th case of).

And I guess that’s parenthood right there: making sure the kids are ok.

Here’s some highlights…

School Pictures – Fall ’19

Brody – K Deacon – K Easton – 2 Emerson – K Hayden – K

Disney World – November ’19


We absolutely loved Galaxy’s Edge!!



The six cousins

My little Jedi’s got to train and then fight Darth Vader!

Honestly, I don’t know how we’ll ever top that trip, but I guess we’ll try ūüėČ

Christmas Morning

New Year’s Eve

Easton’s 1st Pinewood Derby

Basketball for the Quads

Just relaxing

Until next time…


After a busy, tiring weekend, Mondays really suck. Brian had to get up early and go to work. I don’t bother setting alarms because with 5 young children; why would I need to?

My daughter woke me up at 8:30am. When do I ever sleep that late? When do we ALL ever sleep that late? Usually I wake Easton up at 730 to go out for the bus at 805. Oops.

So I quick threw in clothes and woke Easton up. While he got dressed and brushed his teeth, I toasted him up a waffle and packed his lunch and snack.

Luckily Pappy was home so I could walk Easton up to the school while the other 3 kids slept on!

I must have looked awesome dropping him off with my messy hair and puffy eyes. The other kids finally woke up at 915am! We had a nice lazy morning until I could drop them off away school at noon.

Then thank goodness, I got in a bit of yoga and a nice, hot shower before I had to pick them back up again.

Now everyone is back home. I’m ready for a nap since being awakened from a dream sleep. I’m wondering what we’re going to have for dinner. I’m hoping I can get my act together for tomorrow! But I’m also looking ahead to the chaos that comes with Halloween Wednesday, and the candy hangovers the next day.

Put this week down as a wash, I suppose. I can manage doing some wash and the minimum of cleaning to get through, along with some family Halloween movie times!

Pulling Myself Up

Due to various reasons that I’m not gonna unload on the blog, I’ve spiraled down into a funk. ¬†Just a feeling of overwhelm, minus the motivation to do anything about it. ¬†For me, this means being a lousy mom and a lazy person. ¬†I feel fatigued, constantly tired, with a short temper and I make poor eating decisions. ¬†Not good. ¬†It just gets worse and worse until I get to a point where I finally decide enough is enough.

This time that point came when I realized I was ten pounds up!  After I had worked hard to get down to a happy place.  I started soccer, and I really wanted to be good again!  I wanted to be in shape and feel better all around.

So this week, I started dragging my butt out of bed at 6am.  Well, I snooze for like 10 minutes, but then I drag my butt out of bed.  I find a quiet place to be alone, which unfortunately happens to be all the way down in the basement, but it works.  I do my short yoga DVD, and miraculously, the kids are still asleep!!

I’m trying to make sure I drink lots of water, so while I’m doing that, I’m emptying the dishwasher and packing Easton’s lunch. ¬†It’s nice to be able to focus on a task without fifty interruptions! ¬†By that point it’s time to wake Easton up so I make sure he’s up to get dressed and brush his teeth, and then I go back downstairs to make coffee. ¬†While Easton eats breakfast, I try to sit with him and so some reading from his poetry folder or go over his weekly word wall words. ¬†It’s fun time with him and nice to get it done early because he certainly isn’t in a mood to do it later!!

After I take Easton outside and he gets on his bus, Brian is in the meantime making sure the other kids are eating their breakfasts and getting dressed.  I take this time to go do 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill.  I pulled or tore my calf muscle a week and a half ago in soccer, so baby steps.  It feels good to get moving.  I can then shower, Brian leaves for work and I feel better prepared to manage these 4 little ones.

In an effort to keep them from running amuck, and working on their educational skills, I’m busting out more board games and organized activities, as well as flash cards and workbooks. ¬†They love this stuff! ¬†And again, I feel happy knowing that I’m being a better mom and they are learning stuff. ¬†It really helps to cut down on their whining, complaining and asking for snacks LOL.

As for my eating habits, I’m trying to follow a 21 Day Fix idea of a meal plan, incorporating intermittent fasting. ¬†I’m hoping to feel better, and regulate my systems like my thyroid, circulation, hormones, etc. ¬†I’m also trying to reduce inflammation and recover faster from these injuries and aches. ¬†Thirty-eight is obviously getting up there to play competitive soccer, but I’d love to play as long as I can. ¬†This is pretty much essential for keeping my mental health on track.

So there you have it – my plan to turn things around a bit, and find some order in this chaos. ¬†I’m working on controlling the things I can control and letting the other stuff be. ¬†A truly monumental task for a classic worrier like me, but nevertheless here goes.

So far so good, as I’ve started small. ¬†Today is day 2 only, but the changes I’ve made are few and pretty mild so I don’t get discouraged. ¬†Hopefully I can work up to bigger changes, but that’s another bridge to cross.

I’d love to hear what you guys are doing to bring order to the chaos around you. ¬†How are you structuring your day? ¬†What are you doing to take care of yourself better? ¬†Give me ideas!