More Big News!

Well, Brody decided he couldn’t let Emerson go next door by herself…he moved over to the stepped down nursery with her! Both are doing great, and probably enjoying the peace and quiet. There are only a couple other babies there, so less alarms and chaos! Brody is working on building his endurance to stay awake for his bottles. Here’s Brody, sleeping in Mommy’s arms:

Here’s Emerson, sleeping in Daddy’s arms:

Miss Hayden was taken off CPAP this morning!! She’s doing pretty well; she is just working on keeping her breathing regular. Now we can see her cute chubby cheeks!

Deacon is still doing well off the feeding tube so far. He’s just gotta stay awake long enough to finish all his milk!

Big bro Easton is doing great! He’s always happy, no matter what he’s doing! Today he had fun with his Aunt Holly and cousin Madison at Jump Zone.

Everyone is wonderful and we couldn’t be happier!!


Big Update!

These babies surprise me every day!! The other night Brody decided he was done with his feeding tube and pulled it out! So he’s been taking bottles since then with no problem! Tonight he was getting his IV taken out. Go Brody! Here he is:

Hayden is still on CPAP. She had a couple episodes of apnea last night so she’s not quite ready to be off it, but is right on schedule. She continues to take her milk like a champ with the feeding tube. I can’t wait to see her sweet face better!

Emerson has decided she wants to come home soon! Her IV is out and she’s doing great with bottles. Tonight she is moving to the stepped down nursery!! This means she may be home next week!!!! I’m so excited to bring her home! Here is Daddy feeding her, and a picture of her sweet face.


Deacon is now also off his feeding tube, and doing great with the bottle! I got to feed him for the first time today 🙂 Here’s my other handsome boy:

We are so thrilled with how they are thriving under such great care!! We really couldn’t ask for better.
As for me, I’m better and better each day. Moving around pretty well! Brian makes me walk a little further at the hospital every day 🙂
Thanks for all your continued support and love for our family. It seems to be doing the trick!

Day 4 Update!

Here are some new pics of the babies from today! I hope I don’t get any mixed up lol.
First up is Brody, my handsome man. He is doing well off CPAP and is being fed milk by the feeding tube.

Next comes Hayden. She is still on the CPAP. They tried to take her off but had to put her back on because of apnea. She would hold her breath. She is also now being fed milk through her feeding tube. I got to hold her for the first time this morning! She was upset but seemed so happy and content in my arms 🙂

Then comes Emerson. She is still doing great. She had to have a feeding tube put in because she wasn’t drinking all of her milk from the bottle. She got too tired to finish!

Finally we get to Deacon. He went off CPAP last night and is doing great! He’s also off the phototherapy for jaundice. I got to hold him for the first time today!

We’re so happy with how well these little fighters are doing!! I’ve now gotten to hold all of them which is just wonderful. And they are opening their eyes to say hi too which I love!! Tomorrow daddy will take a turn! He’s a little nervous because they are so small but I think the babies need to spend quality time with daddy too.
As for me, I’m doing much better today. The pain is a lot better and I can move around a little easier. I still get tired so fast! My poor body is used to being on bed rest. Plus I take Tylenol plus codeine around the clock to manage the pain. I got some decent sleep last night finally too which helps! And my appetite is pretty good again. I’m set to go home later on tomorrow although I’d rather stay here longer!
I’ll get to the labor and delivery story at some point when I have more energy to type it all out! For now I’ll just focus on the updates.

Two Days Old!

My wonderful array of fine jewelry. A beautiful fashion statement! I have my bracelet and one for each of the babies. And I’m a fall risk again lol, as well as allergic to one of the medications. The nurse was disappointed she couldn’t give me any more pretty colored bracelets!

The babies are doing so good! They are in isolettes today for temperature control, and Emerson and Brody are a little jaundiced so they are getting some time under the lights.
Brody, Hayden and Deacon all have the CPAP, the tubes to their noses, which provides them oxygen. Yesterday they were at 22% oxygen, and today they are down to 21% oxygen, which is normal room temperature air. Hayden sometimes will need it bumped back up. So basically at 21% the purpose of the tube is to help them with the pressure of inflating their lungs. None of the babies needed to be intubated, so that was great news!!
Emerson is the feisty rock star of the group. She doesn’t need the CPAP! So when I went to visit them today, I got to hold her and feed her a bottle!!!

I cried! It was something I didn’t expect to be doing, especially so soon. It was so amazing! Here is a good look at her, and a pic of Mommy, Daddy and Emerson.


I wasn’t able to hold anyone else, and won’t until they get their tubes out. But I am able to reach in and touch them. Brody held my finger so tight!

Hayden was all snuggled up on her belly sleeping so peacefully.

That’s all the news I have for now on the babies, and all the pictures. I’ll post more as I have it! I’m working on the labor and delivery story so I’ll post that hopefully tomorrow.



They are here!! I will
Post when I feel up to it the story of labor and birth. For right now I’m sleep and food deprived, as well as drugged up. Before I nap, here’s their weights and lengths:

Baby A – Brody: 4lbs 3.7oz, 18.5in long born at 7:56am. The rest are a minute apart.
Baby B – Hayden: 4lbs 2oz, 18.5in long
Baby C – Emerson: 4lbs 5oz, 17in long
Baby D – Deacon: 3lbs 13oz, 17.5in long

They are doing wonderfully. I’ll also post an update on them when I’m feeling better. For now, enjoy the pictures above!

We achieved our goal!

Holy crap we made it.  Months and months ago, Brian and I said that 32 weeks was our goal.  August 15th seemed like a lifetime away.  And now we are here!  I knew we would make it, but it still amazes me to have 4 healthy babies still in here.  My nurse was right, we should bronze my uterus and put it on display after this.  LOL!  Seriously though, it must be comfy in there.

My bloodwork from Tuesday was all normal, and more importantly, we had our growth scan yesterday.  I seriously hate going down to ATU for the ultrasound, except for the results.  It was especially awful yesterday.  Those hard tables are rough on my body, especially my back.  I brought a bed pillow with me to alleviate the pressure on my vena cava, and at least that helped me not to want to pass out.  But the back and pelvic pain was so wicked, that when the tech asked me to roll onto my side, I could barely do it.  At the end, I had laid there for about an hour, and I could not get up.  I was literally stuck on that table.  I was almost in tears when Brian was pulling me up.  So for half of yesterday, I walked like an 95 year old lady.  Thank goodness all the bed rest helped with the pain.  Turns out my sweet baby boy A was so low down there.  That was putting all the pressure on and causing a lot of the pain.  He was so low she couldn’t even see his head with the scanner!  I’m happy that today he’s not as low and I feel way better.

But back to yesterday’s growth scan, everything was great!  There was talk of possibly having to take them if one wasn’t growing as he or she should, but I knew that wouldn’t happen.  Here are the current estimated weights:

Baby A (boy): 4lbs

Baby B (girl):  4lbs4ozs

Baby C (girl): 4lbs

Baby D (boy): 3lbs15ozs

I was so happy to hear that they were all still growing appropriately, and that they were all so close in size!  Everything looked great with them, including fluid, blood flow, movement, etc.  These babies are amazing! 

Next we look forward to our delivery date of August 22nd, one week away.  In the meantime I’ll have two biophysical profiles and a 24-hour urine collection, but I don’t anticipate any issues.  I have a feeling that this week is going to pass by very slowly.  I’m nervous about the C-section, but still beyond excited to get through it and get to the next part.

I called the assistant nursing manager here, and talked to her about what I could expect with the babies, provided they make it to the target date.  She said they will have to intubate them, and probably give them surfactant, which is the stuff that makes their lungs slippery and help them to work properly without sticking.  She said they could probably then take the tube out and they would have the nasal cannula.  They would get fluids via IV at first, and then a week later, at 34 weeks, they would start trying to feed them with bottles.  Of course, none of this is set in stone because we don’t know what their health status will be when they come out, and they could end up worse or better.  But it’s still nice to have an idea of what to expect.

I’m so excited to meet these babies, give them their names, and share them with all of you.  Since you all helped us to get to 32 weeks, your next mission is just to help them come into this world in the best health possible, and to continue to grow and thrive once they are born.  I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support.  It means more than you know, and has been a great motivator for me.  Your kind words have kept my spirits up, even on the really tough days.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!

Getting close!

Well, just a couple days to our goal of 32 weeks, and ten days to our scheduled birthdate for these babies!  And I’m definitely feeling like it!  This belly has gotten so huge, it hurts to carry it around, and generally just to move!  I can’t really sit up because it smooshes my belly too much and it hurts.  So I sit reclined all the time, including to eat, and I pretty much spill on myself at each meal.  At this point, sadly, I don’t even care!  I figure if I manage a shower each day I’m doing good.  Thank goodness they put a little bench in the shower.  Otherwise I’d be dirty and messy!

My wifi here has gotten worse.  I didn’t think it was possible, but now I can’t do anything on my phone.  No Facebook!  I can at least text and get some emails though.  For some reason my laptop is working ok though, so it’s something!

Last night was a good night though.  Breaking Bad returned!  Thank goodness I have AMC here.  Today was pretty good too, once Easton and Brian arrived this afternoon.  Easton was so sweet.  He hugged my belly and was rubbing it.  It was too cute!  Of course, he doesn’t cooperate for a picture, but it was a good moment for me.

We had another biophysical profile today and all the babies are still doing great!  The tech showed me great views of the boys’ profiles and printed out pics of them for me.  I tried to add them to this post, but because of the lousy connection I can’t get it to work. The girls were being shy (or difficult) and wouldn’t show their faces.  On tap for tomorrow is more bloodwork, and then Wednesday is our big growth scan!  It’s scheduled for 730am, which is crazy early, but my doctor wanted it early in case they had to take the babies after if something isn’t good.  Thursday to Friday I get to repeat my 24-hour urine collection.  Joy!  With the last one, they found my protein was slightly higher than they like to see.  The cutoff for normal is 300, and mine was in the high 300s.  Not enough to get worried about, but the doctor wants to repeat it to make sure it doesn’t get into the danger zone, which is closer to 1000.  Thursday I also get another biophysical profile, and I’ll be celebrating hitting 32 weeks (hopefully)!  With all this going on, I’m hoping the week flies by.

Keep thinking 32!!  And think big for Wednesday!  We want these babies to be close to 4 pounds!