11 months already!

The last month has flown by! I can’t believe we are less than a month away from their first birthday. It’s amazing how many milestones they are reaching, how much their little (and big!) personalities are coming out, and how big they are getting!
Brody continues to lead the pack. He’s now a walker! His confidence grows every day and now he will just stand up and walk across the room to a toy or a person. He looks so happy and proud of himself when he’s walking. It’s so cute! He’s been sticking out his tongue lately and it’s too funny. He’s quite a goofball!
Hayden is a crawler now! For a while she was content to just stay in one spot, but then it seemed to start bothering her that everyone else was moving. She did a sort of army crawl for a while, and then she finally got that tush in the air and started crawling. Hayden is such a sweetheart. She’s just got this angel face, but you know underneath she’s calculating and watching and taking it all in. She’s got a funny laugh and has found her voice! Don’t delay in giving her food! You’ll certainly hear it! She finally got her first tooth this week!
Emerson is the most vocal of all the babies. She’s a crawler, but she wants to be held. Most of the day! ESPECIALLY when she doesn’t nap well. When she’s in a good mood, though, she is super happy and has an awesome laugh. A loud one, of course 🙂 Em wolfs down her food, and is growing so big! She seems to be the tallest, and I’m guessing she’s bigger than Deacon now! It’s close. Emerson finally got her second tooth!
Deacon is another sweetheart. He likes giving kisses, which is so cute. He crawls, and now will stand on his own without holding on to anything. I think he will walk soon! He still has the most hair out of everyone, and the longest lashes. Such a handsome boy. Deacon has 2 teeth, with more on the way!
Easton says “No mommy!” when I want to take his picture. It’s hard to catch a good shot of him unless you have a camera that’s good with moving objects. Easton is always on the go, unless he’s watching TV. He loves being outside! Although he’s generally a happy kid, you can tell that he misses some attention that is now on the babies. He loves “mommy daddy hugs” and being with Brian and I. We took him to his first movie last weekend! We saw Planes: Fire and Rescue and it was great! We had a blast. I hope we can continue to find time just the three of us and as the babies get older, I hope we can have more quality family time.
Right now I feel like we are still in survival mode, but are slowly coming to the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know where the tunnel ends, but I feel like getting to a year is going to be a huge difference. No more bottles, no more pumping, and the babies will be eating what we are eating. I think all of that will make life a little easier. I know that with each stage will come new challenges, but I think I prefer toddler tantrums to baby wailing. I may eat my words later on, but with Easton, I have enjoyed each stage we come to more than the last. So far, the same is true with the quads. I’m always trying to find the best in each stage and look forward to future fun.
Here’s a great pic of all five of my beautiful babies – I can’t believe we got this!