We can’t catch a break around here!!

We got a cold at the end of our Disney trip, and were sick around Thanksgiving. Brian got the flu and most of the kids had colds for Christmas, which dragged on through New Year’s. Last week, 3 of the kids got a stomach bug. (Shockingly, not on a holiday!) Then this weekend, 5 of my family members had a stomach bug for Super Bowl Sunday. (Technically not a holiday, but we’ll go with it.)

The 4 sick kids…the biggest kid was camera shy

Easton at lax practice – luckily he didn’t get it either!

I must have a good immune system because all I got was the first cold. But that leaves me as caregiver to all the sick people. And a stomach bug is no joke to clean up after. Rugs, sheets, blankets, mattresses, pillows, clothes, floors, doors, toilets, furniture, bodies. You name it, I’ve cleaned and sanitized it. Good times!!

I really, really need a vacation like ASAP, but I’ll settle for the next month to be illness-free. Fingers crossed!

Here’s my top 10 tips for when the stomach bug hits:

10. Everyone gets a bucket and their own water bottle.

9. Girls hair stays tied back at all times.

8. Toilets remain open with the seat up.

7. Bleach spray, paper towels and garbage bags at the ready.

6. Resolve upholstery and carpet cleaner and a srub brush close at hand.

5. Sickies stay on the couch and don’t touch anything.

4. Stock up on bread, plain waffles and crackers.

3. Even when you think they are better, do not attempt regular foods.

2. If you hear a cough, sprint towards the sound, yelling “Get to the toilet!”

  1. Keep wine on hand for you.

My Super Bowl Sunday snack

All learned the hard way. You’re welcome.

Still here…

Ok, it’s been forever since I’ve posted, I know. I’ve felt guilty about that during my whole hiatus. Enough to write about 15 drafts and never hit “publish”.

I’ve been in a place. I’ve been grieving the loss of my father, going through things on the homefront, going through things personally…pretty much just trying to catch my breath for months and months. Bouncing from one commitment to the next, one project to the next, one unexpected illness to the next, one drama to the next. Every time I think, “ok i just need like two weeks where I don’t get slapped in the face,” here comes another load of crap to deal with. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said, “ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME????” I’d be on a month-long well-deserved vacation at Atlantis right now.

So, basically, it’s been chaos and craziness, but we are all still here…plugging away. Working for better days ahead.

The kids, however, are mostly untouched by all the behind-the-scenes drama. All they know is they get to see their friends at school every day and at sports every week, they got to go to Disney World for the first time and are just living their best lives. Even a stomach bug can’t bring them down for too long (which we are currently on our 4th case of).

And I guess that’s parenthood right there: making sure the kids are ok.

Here’s some highlights…

School Pictures – Fall ’19

Brody – K Deacon – K Easton – 2 Emerson – K Hayden – K

Disney World – November ’19


We absolutely loved Galaxy’s Edge!!



The six cousins

My little Jedi’s got to train and then fight Darth Vader!

Honestly, I don’t know how we’ll ever top that trip, but I guess we’ll try 😉

Christmas Morning

New Year’s Eve

Easton’s 1st Pinewood Derby

Basketball for the Quads

Just relaxing

Until next time…

KonMari-ing the Husband

I keep forgetting to post updates, but I finally took an afternoon to get through Brian’s things and it’s mostly done!

I didn’t actually make him hold everything and decide if it sparked joy, but it’s done and the veterans are getting another 4 lawn and leaf bags!

There’s obviously still some work to be done, but it’s like a decluttering snowball… I’m in the zone, just wishing I had more time to work!

Konmari (kind of): Clothing

Ok so I scheduled a babysitter for the afternoon today now that our California Closet is complete and the master floors are in!

After reading The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was dying to get going!

I’m realistic about the amount of clothing I own, so I really thought I’d get to tops only today. Maybe start bottoms. However, once I got going, I flew through almost all of it!

To set the stage, I wore comfy clothes and running shoes, instead of finery like Marie does. I also opted for the 90s music channel instead of silence or classical music. I’m not ashamed to say Wilson Phillips gets me going!

So I bopped, sang and rapped my way through maybe 3 1/2 hours of sorting, purging and organizing. I kept things that made me happy, that I wear. Not the things that I’ve held on to “just in case” or because someone gave it to me as a gift. Let’s face it, I have my favorites, my go-to pieces, and I tend to ignore all else.

The end result was 5 lawn and leaf bags chock full for poor Brian to lug downstairs so I can donate them. I’m left with only things that make me happy and that I’ll actually wear.

I love my closet!

The one section of hanging space was unfortunately too short for my tops to hang, so I’ll have to ask California Closets to come raise that shelf for me, but otherwise I must have purged the magic number because everything has a place. I can tell at a glance everything I own! And I don’t have any off- season clothes stored away! The only clothes I have elsewhere are my fancy dresses in the basement closet. I’m ok with that!

I even Konmari folded the clothes in my drawers!

Brian’s first statement was “yeah that’ll be like that for a day.” But I’m like, “no way! Do you understand how happy this makes me?”

I can’t wait to cart out the bags of donations and the empty bins and start on the next category: books!

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! We had a busy day at Easton’s school, then back and forth to preschool. Then we had to wake up 2 sleepy kids to go trick- or-treating!

Mommy was prepared though…

(My special hot chocolate in my mug!)

The kids had a blast and got way too much candy! (I love you, house that leaves out a basket of toothbrushes! )

They did have to be reigned in and reminded of rules and politeness about halfway, but they were just so excited. More excited to ring doorbells than get candy because that’s what they cried over!

Overall they had an awesome Halloween and we hope you did too!

From the mouths of my babes…

So Easton had a Lego Star Wars hardcover book, and after time all that is left is the covers. LOL. He tells me tonight, “I guess I’ll have to make my own pages to fill up the book.” I was like, “that’s a great idea. I can get you paper to work on that tomorrow. Why don’t you go plan it out in your journal?” He got all excited and ran off down the hall toward his room and called out, “oh yes! Thanks Mom! Mommy you make me smarter!”

UGH, like could you die? Makes it all worthwhile…

A Big City Adventure

I’m so happy to share Laurie Berkner’s newest music video, “Umbrella”. The reason I’m so excited about it is because my kids are in it!! Enjoy!!!

We had a fun and interesting trip to NYC to participate in this video! From greatly underestimating the commute into the city, to a screw-up with the parking garage, to navigating Chelsea Market with 5 kids, to being unprepared with the proper clothing colors…it was certainly a learning experience for these non-stage parents.

Overall, the kids had fun and we enjoyed our adventure! I think we’d do it again! Big thanks to Michelle Puskas and Take Flight Dance Center for including us in this fun, thanks to the crew at the YouTube Studios in NYC, and thanks to Laurie Berkner for letting us be a part of this and being so sweet to my children. We are all now fans for life!

Also, check out the rest of her videos on YouTube, and go buy her new album, Superhero!!