Making Things a Little Simpler (& Greener!)

Back in a previous post, way back in another life before the quads were born, I posted about the log sheets and binder I had created. Since I don’t know how to link it here, you’ll have to find it yourself! Sorry!
Well, we were using so much paper and flipping through sheets for each baby, so I decided to create a new one.

This one has seven days on it, and you can see trends a lot easier. Hopefully my pediatrician agrees! I took out the column for sleep, because, who was I kidding, it would be a part-time job recording when they sleep and wake up. I know generally what they are doing in that department anyway. I also dropped the sections for medications, milestones and fun things. These things can all be written in the margins. Since I wanted a week on the page, there wasn’t more room for that stuff.

So what I’m left with is each day, with the four bottle times, a space to mark how many ounces they had, and a space to mark #1s and #2s. We successfully dropped the 915pm feeding so that put us at 4 bottles a day, where we will stay until they are done with bottles.
I’m not sure how much longer we will be recording this stuff because we stopped at six months with Easton and the quads hit that milestone Friday! I’ll ask the pediatrician when we go if she will still need to know about feedings and dirty diapers. I know I won’t remember, so it helps me to have it in this nice organized fashion.
Just thought I’d share, in case anyone out there is looking for an easy system to record your data. Enjoy!

Some griping, but also baby pictures

Time is flying by, yet always seems to crawl, but either way I have no idea when I updated last! My mind is just swimming with all the “To Dos” and taking care of my family. I’ve tried not sitting down all day in hopes of finishing my daily list, but I still couldn’t!! Plus my feet and back were killing me! I’m trying to cut myself some slack but things must get done!! However, I refuse to give up any more sleep so I just have to borrow Hermione’s time turner, or figure out how to be more efficient. Or get help!! It’s tough; I won’t lie. But I also won’t bore you with the complaining!!
The babies are getting to be so much more fun! That sounds awful from a mom, but it’s true. They are interacting more, with smiles, giggles and play. They definitely are developing their own personalities!! Physically they are all looking alike, yet so different. You can see the resemblance, but each has unique features.


Brody is still the always smiling, happy guy. He still smiles, even while spitting up (which happens a lot!). Brody is definitely not a morning person. He looks pretty rough when he wakes up, with his puffy eyes half shut and splotchy red face. He’s got the sensitive skin like his big brother! Yet it does not take him long to return a smile. We love making him laugh!


Hayden is becoming a better sleeper! We moved her to the upstairs nursery by herself for naps, and she seems to prefer that. She also loves bouncing in the Jumparoo, but her favorite thing is to be held and to be able too see what’s going on around her. Hayden has the most beautiful blue eyes, and her hair is growing in (slowly but surely!) super light blond. Hayden is all around much happier and content too. She giggles when we tickle her, although it kinda sounds like a cry. I don’t know if she likes it or not! Hayden is now rolling over belly to back too! So exciting!



Emerson is a social butterfly. She loves to be face to face and will chat up a storm. She also giggles and smiles a lot! It’s so funny when she opens her mouth wide when you go to kiss her or tickle her cheeks. She has taken up thumb sucking, which is a nice change from that pacifier because she can always find her thumb. It’s too cute! Em has big blue eyes that are so expressive. And sometimes when Daddy lifts her up, she arches like she’s doing the lift in Dirty Dancing. So funny!!


Deacon is such a chill boy. He’s happy doing pretty much anything. He just hangs out while the others demand all the attention, so we make it a point to spend time with him too! He’s become so much more giggly lately, and smiling his gummy saliva-bubbly smile. And he has the most hair by far! I love spiking it up after a bath. He’s beyond cute!

Now that they can use them, our living room is full of Jumparoos and Exersaucers, plus activity mats, Bumbo seats and toys. It takes a lot to occupy them and tire them out for naps!
Lately they are waking up a lot, and we think it’s because of teething. It’s so hard to start getting up in the middle of the night again!! Hopefully it doesn’t last long. Seems like these first teeth have been right there but not breaking through just yet. Tylenol has helped in some really fussy times.



Easton is still Easton, always having fun. He has his share of less than happy moments, but we couldn’t ask for a better big brother. He’s such a good boy and so funny! I love seeing is bed head whenever he wakes up, and how he asks me to kiss his nose before he goes to sleep. He’s just amazing. Our boy is growing up though! We just toured preschools and chose the one he will attend starting in September!! Time truly does fly, but I look forward to Mother’s Day Tea and seeing him in his Christmas show.
There’s many new adventures ahead for this family as all the kids grow and develop. And I’m loving this front row seat. There are times I’d love to trade it for a beach chair perhaps, or a pool lounger far away, but I love my family and the good times far outweigh the bad. And for those bad times, there’s always ice cream or alcohol. Or both. 😉