Product Review: Bebe Bottle Sling

We are always looking for anything to simplify our lives over here. Brian found the Bebe Bottle Sling, and decided to give it a shot.

The verdict is…..worth the money! Brian ordered them off Amazon for $13 each. Sounds like a lot when you are buying four of them, but try feeding quads!! We like to feed them all at once so we can finish the process in an hour or less. These slings are easily adjusted for height and help the bottles stay in their mouths so they can keep drinking while we monitor them, or burp or change another baby. They aren’t foolproof, as the babies still push the bottle nipples out with their tongues at times, but overall they help. Once the baby and bottle are positioned in such a way that the bottle is angled toward their mouth for good milk flow, and can easily sit right in their mouths, they are ready to go!!
Can feeding be done without them? Sure, but it’s not quite as easy!

If anyone has any suggestions I other products for us, please let me know! More reviews to come!

38 weeks…that’s 5 weeks old!

The babies are 38 weeks today. Getting closer to that full-term mark! They all went to the doctor yesterday.

All are doing great, and growing so fast!

Brody is now the shortest at 19 1/4″, but the heaviest at 6lbs3ozs.

Hayden is the tallest at 20 1/2″, and weighs 5lbs15ozs.

Emerson is 20″ long and weighs 6lbs2ozs now.

Deacon is 19 1/2″ long and the lightest at 5lbs13ozs.

We’re so happy to have our whole family all together, and we’re excited to make it through the next few hectic months and start having some fun!! Like sleeping through the night!! Daddy tries to sneak in a little catnap with his boys when he can.

We are so grateful for all the continued love and support, and all of the kindness and generosity we’ve experienced from family and friends. We feel so special to have everyone on this ride with us!!

The gang’s all here! So far so good…

My angels all slept in their cribs together for the first time! Oddly enough the ones who woke up in the middle of the night were the ones who have been home already, Brody and Emerson. So other than having to hold and rock those two from 12-1am, they all slept good. Brian and I have the nighttime feeding procedures down, from warming up milk to changing and feeding. We feed all four at once, using the versatile cloth diapers to prop bottles in their mouths. Then we just make rounds burping each one. You do what you gotta do! Emerson demonstrates our craftiness:

During the day, we’ve had help from family and friends who have stopped by in their free time. Pappy gets in on the action too! Hayden was super comfy after a bottle and burp!

The babies seem happy to be home, and we’re happy to have them home. I’m totally amazed that they are one month old, and already home! When I was pregnant, we fully anticipated two or three months in the NICU. It’s actually kind of sad that we won’t visit there often anymore. We still want to visit sometimes, because you really get to know the nurses there and most of them really seem to care about and love your children, and want to see pictures after they leave. However, it’s so much better not having to figure out when we will fit in a visit to our babies there! It was tough last week with two home and two there, especially with Brian away.
We are slowly adjusting and figuring things out around here. Trying to continue getting organized, while taking care of the kids and getting enough rest. There aren’t enough hours in the day! Between feedings, chores and pumping, I barely have a minute to sit down! But I am pretty proud that they are still on 100% breast milk. Our supply is dwindling though, because I think they have now surpassed my output. Not looking forward to buying (or smelling) formula all the time! And it doesn’t help when I spill a five ounce bottle on the floor, or let it overflow all over me. Soooo frustrating! This stuff is like liquid gold!

I think the biggest adjustment for me is not being able to just run out to the store whenever. It was easy to just throw Easton in the car. Now, we have to make sure we coordinate it so errands are run during nap time between feedings. I got out today for an hour, to Walmart and BRU for preemie diapers and a second bottle warmer. So fun! Not too exciting but it’s fun to drive the Volvo and be a little free for a bit.
Back to the babies, Brody and Emerson had their first checkups with their pediatrician last week, which went well! The doctor wants to see them weekly for now, so that will be crazy, but I like the peace of mind of constant care.

Brody is our squeaky wheel. He tends to be the one to wake up crying between feedings. We upped his milk amount, but it doesn’t always work. He looks like a little old man, with his wrinkles and hair sticking out over his ears.

Emerson is our pretty girl! She has perfect little features and looks like a doll. She sounds like an angry cat when she cries though! She’s also a mover. We put her in the crib one way, and she flips around upside down!

Hayden likes to kick out of her swaddle. She’s the biggest, so I guess a blanket swaddle isn’t going to cut it for her. She’s adorable with her chubby cheeks, and she has a birthmark. A freckle just above her hairline on her head.

Deacon is our little monkey. He’s so cute, and so hairy! He still has the peach fuzz on his cheeks and shoulders. It’s too cute. He’s also a bit of a crier like his brother, but not as loud!

Easton is doing awesome. Im having fun being with him again, and i feel like we’ve rebuilt our relationship after so much time apart, which of course makes me so happy. He isn’t super interested in the babies, but does look at them, and tries to rock them in their bouncy seat (or shake them violently).

He’s learning to be a good big brother, while maintaining his active social life. He’s enjoying parties and shopping with his Aunt Holly. We live vicariously through him.




I'm feeling good, aside from being tired and having almost no muscles left! Bed rest is tough on the body, not to mention major surgery on top of it. Plus now I'm having leg pain, possibly a pulled ligament at the top of my leg, and hip pain from compensating so that's always fun. My doctor says no exercising yet, not even walking, so that's killing me! I can't wait to be back on the soccer field.
Hopefully for the indoor season, if not sooner.
Well, I think I've covered just about everything! I'm trying to do a weekly update, so hopefully that will be manageable. Please follow my blog if you aren't already, so you can get email. Orifices tons when I do post. Thanks!

Guess who’s home!! And coming home soon!!

Brody and Emerson came home on Friday!!! We are so excited and happy to have two of our babies home. It’s been crazy, but wonderful. Bittersweet, though. It was really hard to leave Deacon and Hayden behind, even though I know they are in excellent hands. Soon though! Deacon is doing perfectly off caffeine, and Hayden is in an open crib!! I cried when the nurse told me over the phone. Of course, that was partially due to the fact that I’m completely exhausted! On top of waking up in the night to feed babies, we had Easton’s 2nd birthday party over the weekend and I’m totally wiped out!! It was only immediate family but that still is like thirty people!!! It was a great time though, and the birthday boy certainly enjoyed himself. Still, I’m glad that’s over, and we are working on settling into a routine around here. Of course it’s been hard because Brian has been away, and everyone else seems to be sick or hurt around here! But I’ve had the help of family and friends which is nice. It’s just hard taking care if the babies, Easton, getting to the nicu, scheduling help, as well as keeping up with household chores like dishes and laundry. I forget to eat!! Every time I sit down with a break, I remember something else that needs to be done. I’m drinking more and more coffee these days!! I’m sure once everyone is home and well we can settle into a routine and it will get easier. Plus I have to get used to less sleep and getting up in the middle of the night!
Another update, since I started writing this post days ago and never finished:

Deacon is supposed to come home tomorrow!!! I’m so happy to have another one of my babies home so quickly.
And Hayden…

won’t be far behind!!! If all goes well she could be home in 3-4 days!! Plus she’s the biggest, at 3lbs9ozs!
I will update more, I promise!!! I can’t wait to have Brian home again!

Big News!!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. So many things have been going on!! In short, all if the babies are doing so well, and are now over five pounds each!


Handsome Brody is now in an open crib as of last night, and is maintaining his temperature (a criterion to go home). He is also continuing to finish his bottles, another requirement. He now is given as much milk as he wants and he is drinking like a champ!!


Emerson is also now in an open crib and doing everything she’s supposed to be doing!!! My pretty girl is doing great!


Deacon is sleeping comfortably in his new open crib! He’s maintaining his temp and eating well too!


My sweetie Hayden joined her brothers and sister in the step down nursery this evening! She got off CPAP, and had a nasal cannula for a few days. She did so wonderful on that. No episodes!! With that she was able to start drinking from bottles. She hasn’t looked back since!! She got her feeding tube out, and then the nasal cannula, and has continued to do great!!
It looks like Hayden might only have the company of her siblings for a short time though. They are getting ready to send the other three home!! Once they are in the open cribs, they usually go home in 2-3 days, provided they maintain temp and eat well. So we may have babies home soon!! I’m so happy that they are doing so well, but it’s getting real now!!
Poor Easton has no clue what’s about to hit him. I can’t wait to see his reaction to his siblings. Hopefully everyone gets along!

Easton and I have been spending some quality time together this week. He and I have been working on organizing the house and getting ready for the babies. I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to have time alone with Easton. I’ve missed being with him! I know it’s not going to happen as often now, but I can’t live without my Easton time!
I’m doing well, and feeling great. I can walk a lot, stand without passing out and sleep comfortably. Life is good!


A Quick Quad Update


Sorry it’s been so long! It’s just been crazy, with taking care of stuff at home, being with Easton and seeing the babies.
The biggest news is that on the 30th, Deacon moved in with his sister and brother!! So now there are three if them over in the stepped down nursery. That’s deacon in the picture above, sleeping peacefully in Mommy’s arms. They seem to be so happy and content when we hold them. I love it! Deacon has had some episodes where his oxygen saturation decreases too much, but is doing well for his age. All three of them in the SCN are working on staying awake for their bottle feedings. If they do t finish, they have to have the rest of it through their feeding tubes. Deacon is making it through about half, while Emerson and Brody have been drinking most of theirs. Brody is trying to get home before his sister now because he’s been drinking all of his milk from his bottle for the past couple days!!
Hayden is improving each day. She is turning out to be the feisty one! She is still on CPAP, but is trying to pull it out. Today she pulled it out and was able to keep it out for a little while. Her breathing started to be too rapid so she still needs it, but that’s showing us she’s almost ready to have it out! She’s gained back all of the weight she’s lost and then some! We’re so proud of our little fighter!! I love cuddling with her, and have figured out that when she cries, which is rare, patting her on the back and shushing calms her down right away! She’s getting stronger every day, and hopefully will be with the rest of her siblings soon.
In the meantime, we are continuing to prepare for the babies here at home. I’m feeling so much better and I’m able to walk longer and sleep much more comfortably. We took Easton to the park to see the animals and play on the playground this weekend. He loved his mommy and daddy time! I loved spending the morning with two of my boys!