Please Support Jackson and His Family!


This is my adorable nephew Jackson. Next week he and his family will be embarking on a challenging journey when he has surgery to amputate his foot. This will be the first of multiple surgeries for Jack, and the first of many expenses his parents will incur, not too mention the emotional and physical trials to follow throughout his life. Jackson’s parents Holly and Patrick appreciate all the support they are receiving, and will be forever grateful for any prayers and positive thoughts for their family.  Please consider a message of support for their family! Every prayer and kind word makes a difference. Thank you!

Another Honest Contribution

In addition to my monthly Honestly blog posts, I was honored to be asked to contribute my experiences as a mom of multiples in their new feature, Honest Feeding. Check out my story here. And since I’m not good with hyperlinks, you can also copy and paste it here:

Help for Surviving Winter Colds

Here’s my latest blog post for Honestly, the Honest Company blog. 

Tips for Winter Colds with Multiples

If that doesn’t work, try this:

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