The Making of a Holiday Card

I would have loved to do something really cute and clever for our Christmas card this year. I would have loved to be able to afford a professional photographer to come to our house and snap amazingly perfect photos of my kids.
The reality is that my brain doesn’t work properly to think of cute and clever anymore. Ugh, it’s so sad. In my limited free time , I’m doing laundry or dishes instead of trolling Pinterest for photo ideas. And I can’t justify spending so much on professional portraits! Even though they are super cute.
The reality is that my kids are going to be cute, no matter who shoots the photo! LOL. Even if that person is me, using a fancy camera I don’t fully understand, dressing and posing five babies and a handful of a toddler by myself.
I love our little cuties in their Christmas jammies (thanks Mom!). I love that Easton looks like he’s reading the quads a book, when really he wouldn’t sit still on the couch without it! I love the different expressions I get when I just keep snapping away. I love our card, and how perfectly it represents us!
I hope you enjoy it too…happy holidays everyone!!


FYI not happy with Walgreen’s. Since I waited so long, I had to find a one hour place. Walgreen’s prints them out on thin card stock pages, not the thick note cards with rounded edges I was hoping for. They also come perforated, so we had to rip them all apart on all four sides. They cut off my design too. I found other designs I liked better on other sites, which were cheaper, but go Walgreen’s for printing them within a day. Next year I’ll try to plan ahead!