Happy Tequila Day!

Just what the doctor ordered on this hellish day. Between the kids acting like it’s a full moon, a sprained wrist, ankle and broken toe, this is definitely what I needed!

And it’s low carb!

Here’s the recipe I got off the side of my shaker:

1 1/2 ozs tequila

1/2 oz. Triple sec

1 oz lime juice

Crushed ice

Add, shake and pour!


Low Carb Menu Plan for the week

If I don’t plan on the weekend, I’m scrambling all week to feed my family dinner.  And it’s especially difficult when you are keto.  I talk to more and more people who are starting down the low carb path, so I figured I’d share what works for us.  Recipes we are trying, how kid-friendly recipes are and what changes we made.

Usually my plans change during the week, depending on our activities and things that pop up, but I try to adhere as closely as possible to the menu.

So for this upcoming week, here’s my menu:

Monday – leftover burgers from our picnic yesterday (using lettuce as a wrap for the low-carbers) and low carb cole slaw

Tuesday – quesadillas made with taco seasoned ground beef and cheese on a tortilla, and I’m going to make cheddar taco shells for us adults like these …ooohh or maybe NACHOS

Wednesday – a favorite of ours, Big Mac Pie

Thursday – I have leftover spaghetti squash made and frozen, so I’m going to make cheesy spaghetti squash and maybe use broccoli instead of the spinach

Friday – Pizza Day! I’m going to make Zesty Chicken Pizza from The Ketogenic Cookbook  …the kids will get regular pizza from the dough in a can but I’m hoping they’ll try it!

Ok that’s the plan…here’s hoping

Quad-Approved Dinner!

I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of this because it was gone too quickly! We had this the other day. Yum!

Here’s the link to the recipe:

Cauliflower Mac n Cheese

I added crumbled bacon, which I highly recommend!

4 out of 5 Fee Kids approved this meal 😉

Plus a husband and a father-in-law…low carb and keto friendly!

When Things Get Sidetracked…

You know what they say about the best laid plans, right?  Inevitably my dreams of a well-organized house had to be put to the side.  Not sure if it was the cold or the flu around here, but we have now been through two rounds of sickness in this house – THIS YEAR.

It’s been brutal.  Brian kicked it off with a nasty flu type bug that literally knocked him down for the count.  So naturally the kids started to fall one by one after that, and Brian’s parents got it in there too…aaaaaand then it was my turn.  Then Brian got worse again and the kids started in on a second round!!  Poor Easton battled a 3 day fever and missed a whole week of school!  Needless to say, there was a lot of television watching and kindle time going on!!


Nothing against dads, but it’s a rough job for a mom when there’s sickness in the house!!  Mom takes care of all of her regular chores, and then some.  Mom wants to take care of everyone and make them feel better, but mom is literally pulled in like 7 different directions.  Mommy needs to make tea for daddy, read a book to Emerson, cuddle Deacon, put on a show for Easton, get Hayden water and get Brody markers to color.  All at the same time.  The sheer number of demands is like insane.


Even as I’m sitting here trying to focus on typing this sentence, 4 kids are coloring at the table with me and telling me what they are coloring, asking me to write or draw things for them or asking me what they should draw.  Sometimes I think my brain will explode.

So nursing all the sickies and being coughed and sneezed on fifty times evidently wore me down enough where I was hit with the fever and sickness for a weekend.  Of course, Brian was feeling a little better and went to work, and the kids were feeling better and wanted to constantly do stuff.  So mom tries to power through because mom has no choice.  Luckily my immune system kicked the bug out after a couple days and I was back up and running by the time round 2 hit.  And it was a doozy!  Round 2 was worse!  My poor babies had multiple days of fever and and just feeling like crap.  If only I could clone myself to cuddle 5 kids at once, and then disinfect at the same time!

And just when you think it’s over, and you have 3 fever-free days, 2 boys wake up with fevers again.  Are you bleeping kidding me???

So now we are (knock on wood) FINALLY on the mend, and I’m hoping to pick up where I left off!!

KonMari hit a road block, but I’m happy to say that I have kept my clothing neat and tidy!!  Next step in that part of the journey is books, which should be nice and simple.  I don’t keep too many around!!  Hopefully I’ll get to that this week.

As far as my keto journey has been going, I’ve been (mostly) staying the course.  I’m pretty proud of how I’ve been doing!  I’ve hit a couple snags and had one minor binge, but I was able to pull myself back and I’m more committed than ever to continue this way of eating.  I just feel so great!  So energetic and happy, and motivated to keep doing all this other stuff to make my life a little more streamlined and simple.

While I’m working on that stuff, enjoy some sad, sick faces from the past weeks.

Back in the (Bulletproof) Saddle Again…

It has been a bit of a struggle, but I’m back into the ketogenic way of eating, over the keto flu, and I’m guessing fat- adapted because I’m feeling more energetic! Score!

Just wanted to share with you my favorite thing about the ketogenic WOE. It’s probably the highlight of my day. Bulletproof coffee!

I’d first read about it when I was researching the Paleo and AIP diets. To be honest, it sounded gross! BUTTER? In coffee? But I gave it a shot and made Brian try it too, and it turns out we loved it!

A couple tweaks to the formula, and we’ve got our breakfast, sometimes lunch and sometimes dinner perfected!

Here’s my recipe:

10 ozs brewed coffee

1 tbsp grass-fed butter (we use Kerrygold salted butter l

1 tbsp heavy whipping cream

1tbsp MCT oil (or coconut oil)

1 tsp sugar-free flavored syrup (I use Skinny Syrups)

Add all ingredients to a Ninja blender cup and blend for a few seconds. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

It’s like a creamy, yummy latte that beats paying for Starbucks!

Kickin’ 2018’s Butt

Well, trying.  After a holiday week – and then some – of binging (belated holiday wishes!) I am back on the ketogenic way of eating.  Trying to get back in a rhythm that I was in before the holidays tanked me.  I’m slowly returning to keto food prep and attempting one new recipe a week that’s keto-friendly.

I’ve also read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and we have redone our bedroom and master closet and now I’m ready and raring to go on that!!  Tomorrow begins The Great Purge of 2018, which is the year I’ve decided to KonMari the sh*! out of my house!!

I’m also working with Easton more on his phonics and reading, which is an area he is having a bit of trouble with, and the mom guilt is shaming me for it.  So I’m pledging each day to read with him and work on his letter sounds and sight words.  So far he is loving the readers I printed out and all of the Level 1 books I’ve purchased that he can read and learn to read.

Also in this year is my journey to return to playing soccer.  I’ve been out for a couple years due to a concussion and post-concussive symptoms, but a piece of me has been missing ever since, and I’d like to attempt to get back out on the field, if only for pickup games.  Along with that is my goal of just getting back in shape, since I’ve gotten far off track in that area.  (It’s sad when I have to sit after 2 flights of stairs!)

Plus I have some amazing trips and events planned this year that I’m really looking forward to, and basically I want to share all of it with you guys.  It’s really selfish though because writing it down and getting it out is totally therapeutic for me, but hopefully you guys enjoy the ride too.  Please comment, comment, comment with helpful suggestions and share your own 2018 journeys!!!!