Low Carb Menu Plan for the week

If I don’t plan on the weekend, I’m scrambling all week to feed my family dinner.  And it’s especially difficult when you are keto.  I talk to more and more people who are starting down the low carb path, so I figured I’d share what works for us.  Recipes we are trying, how kid-friendly recipes are and what changes we made.

Usually my plans change during the week, depending on our activities and things that pop up, but I try to adhere as closely as possible to the menu.

So for this upcoming week, here’s my menu:

Monday – leftover burgers from our picnic yesterday (using lettuce as a wrap for the low-carbers) and low carb cole slaw

Tuesday – quesadillas made with taco seasoned ground beef and cheese on a tortilla, and I’m going to make cheddar taco shells for us adults like these …ooohh or maybe NACHOS

Wednesday – a favorite of ours, Big Mac Pie

Thursday – I have leftover spaghetti squash made and frozen, so I’m going to make cheesy spaghetti squash and maybe use broccoli instead of the spinach

Friday – Pizza Day! I’m going to make Zesty Chicken Pizza from The Ketogenic Cookbook  …the kids will get regular pizza from the dough in a can but I’m hoping they’ll try it!

Ok that’s the plan…here’s hoping


How Mommy Gets Her Exercise In

Of course, there’s still the “Mommy go faster!” and “You’re done already?” But at least I got something of a workout in on the treadmill! Plus they were so excited and actually thanked me for bringing them down in the basement while I worked out.

LOL it’s the little things.

My (Belated) Mother’s Day Post

I had a wonderful day with my family and I hope all of you did too.

Of course, the days after Mother’s Day are then extra busy, aren’t they?

So what does a mom with 5 kids, 8 pets, 2 in-laws and 1 husband get for Mother’s Day????

Why, a brand new wine fridge in her bedroom, of course! #besthusbandever

Quad-Approved Dinner!

I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of this because it was gone too quickly! We had this the other day. Yum!

Here’s the link to the recipe:

Cauliflower Mac n Cheese

I added crumbled bacon, which I highly recommend!

4 out of 5 Fee Kids approved this meal 😉

Plus a husband and a father-in-law…low carb and keto friendly!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

We had fun celebrating! Last weekend we marched in a parade with Brian’s mom’s work. It was a ton of walking, but the kids were troopers!

Today we kept it low key. They ate Lucky Charms for breakfast (and snack!) and this afternoon we set a trap to catch a leprechaun! First, we decorated a house for him to want to come live in. Then Daddy set the trap and we waited.

We didn’t catch him, but we scared him enough that he dropped his gold!

I had a cute video, but it won’t upload. Sorry!

Dinner was of course corned beef, cabbage and potatoes! Oh and yesterday I made Irish Beef Stew. YUM.

Then Daddy took the girls, who ate their dinner, to McDonald’s for Shamrock Shakes!

Fun times!

Sharing the Joy

One of my favorite things about having kids is introducing them to my childhood. Movies, songs, places, memories that were special to me growing up. I had a happy childhood, and I love seeing the kids enjoy the things that brought me joy as a kid.

Today’s Friday afternoon movie selection was E.T. (Spoiler Alert!) When E.T. was dying, the kids were so upset and telling me that it was the worst movie ever.

Then they cheered when he woke up. It was just so sweet; they were so happy! Then again at the end they were jumping up and down and laughing with the hugest smiles on their faces. It was so amazing. Brian will kill me, but we actually got a little teary-eyed! (I guess I’ll find out if he actually reads my blog!)

There’s so many more great things to share with them as they get older. I look forward to educating them on what was so great about the 80s and 90s!