29 Weeks!

We made it to 29 weeks! I celebrate every morning I wake up but it’s great when we hit each weekly milestone. Next goal is to hit 30 so hopefully we can do that!

I’m still getting daily ultrasounds to check heart rates. The babies are doing well! We are also starting to do biophysical profiles every Wednesday. In addition to heart rates, they also check movement, fluid levels and breathing. Everything was perfect! The tech said it took less time to get four babies than it does for some singletons, so mine are very cooperative. Hope that carries over after they are born! I’m also proud that I have the best blood pressure on the floor! Go me!

So you know I’m stuck here and that sucks, but I’m doing ok with it. One benefit is that I can now order off the cafe menu for lunch and dinner. Woohoo! More variety and hopefully better food. Looking forward to my cheesesteak for lunch and my General Tso’s chicken for dinner!!

One if the doctors joked today that hen she needed to know something, like the details of the royal baby, that everyone should come to me. I watch so much news and tv that I’ve got all the stories!!! Funny, I’m more connected to the world being in here than I was out there.

On the home front, the movers came yesterday to move the rest of our furniture. Poor Brian is still going crazy moving the rest of the small stuff, and finding places for it all. Not to mention dealing with Fios who screwed up and shut off the tv and Internet in the new house, figuring out how we are going to close on the new house while I’m in here, tracking down the dogs who ran away when the movers were here, working and taking care of Easton. He wants to trade places with me, and I think I’d rather be home handling the chaos! It is kinda funny thinking of Yoshi running up to the school and all around the kids. I can just see the big doggy smile with the tongue hanging out and the cinnabun tail wiggling like crazy! Just glad Annie and Pugasaurus didn’t get hit by a car running down our street.

Ok well, think 30 for us! That’s the new magic number!! We appreciate all that you guys are sending out in the universe for us. Obviously it’s doing something, since we have made it this far! Thank you!!

Stuck in Here For the Long Haul

I just found out this morning that I won’t be coming home until the babies arrive. I don’t know the doctor’s reasoning, but I assume it’s so they can keep a closer eye on me, and be able to act faster if something happens. I can’t go back on the magnesium for a couple weeks at least, so basically if the babies want to come, they are coming!

One one hand I’m totally bummed. Of course I’d rather be home. I want to be with my husband and my son. I miss them so much. I get to see them almost every day, but it’s a short visit and it’s just not the same!

On the other hand I do understand that’s it’s for the best that I am here. I know I’m getting great care and constant monitoring. I continue to be monitored for contractions twice a day, and I get daily ultrasounds to check the babies’ heart rates. Being in here probably does give my babies the best chance of cooking a long time. We will see just how long!

Right now I’m just hoping that the time flies by quickly and that these babies arrive before I know it!

Tomorrow we have an appointment downstairs for an ultrasound. They are going to do a biophysical profile of the babies, which means they are going to check their reflexes and functions and make sure they are doing everything they should be doing like breathing and moving.

Please pray that time flies and we can keep these babies in a while. Thank you!

Hospital Update

Apparently I’m a fall risk lol! This magnesium is awful. Aside from the benefits of slowing down contractions and aiding in the babies’ brain development, it sucks! It makes me so tired, you know that tired where your eyes burn? That’s what it’s like, except I can’t sleep much. That’s also in part due to the amount of liquids I’m drinking to help my dry mouth and crazy thirst. I think I’m drinking 2-3 gallons of liquids a day, plus IV fluids, so you can only imagine how much I have to get up to use the bathroom. Add to this blood work every six hours. They’ve had to move to my fingers because I’ve been stuck so much in my arm. Then there’s the nurse checking my vitals and lungs every couple hours. It’s crazy!!

The plan is to stop the magnesium tonight at 11pm. It can be detrimental to have it for five days at a time. They wanted to keep it on long enough so I could have a set of steroid shots. They have me the second one at 100am so they will stop the mag tonight and see how it goes without it. My doctor will check in on Monday to see how I’m doing with no medication. Hopefully I’ll continue to have minimal contractions and I can go home! I’m not holding my breath but we will see.

Also, we are famous! Lol. A nice article from our local paper with a video:
Hope the link works.

Thanks for all the love and support. Keep it coming!!

Good News and Not-So-Good News

On Wednesday we had a great appointment. The babies are all doing well! A&B are 2lbs13ozs and C&D are 2lbs8ozs. So everyone is staying close in size and are above average. Heartbeats are great too. Also, my cervix hasn’t changed either!!
So we celebrated with the new Oreo cake from Carvel. A little disappointing!! But that doesn’t stop us from eating it!!

So the next evening Brian is hauling bins of baby stuff from next door and I’m sitting in the nursery sorting clothes. After a while I start to feel a lot of pain down at the bottom of my belly, so I rested and drank some water. An hour or so later I hooked up the monitor and that’s when the painful contractions started. They hurt a lot worse than the uncomfortable ones I’d been feeling up until then. I knew at that point we would have to go in to the hospital. I sent in my data and finally the nurse called. I had 5 contractions in the hour and a lot of irritation, which is like smaller blips. I had been feeling contractions every three minutes so some must have been irritation. She called my doctor and he said come in because of all the action an the pain. So off we went to labor and delivery at ten last night.

I was admitted and hooked up to the monitor. Then I had to endure absolute torture as they tried to get my IV in. They, as in two people, and three needles it took. I swear if I wasn’t laying down I would have passed out. It was awful. They started fluids and magnesium, which helps stop contractions and also helps brain development in the babies. On too of that, it made me super hot and sweaty, and so groggy! They said drunk but it was definitely not fun like being drunk!!

It’s now Friday morning, and I finally got breakfast and I’m getting dribs and drabs of sleep. They want to move me to antepartum where I was last time, but there are no free beds. Hopefully I can move soon. This bed is awful and my back is killing me. I can’t lay on my side because of the monitor, so it’s rough.

I have no idea if and when I will go home. I know for sure I’m here until tomorrow. They want to keep me here to observe me. They can’t send me home with magnesium so I bet they’d want to make sure I’m ok being off of it. I’ll try to keep you updated. Please, good thoughts and prayers even more now for us! We really appreciate all your love and support! Thank you!!

27 Week Doctor Appointment

Yay! We hit 27 weeks! And here’s a new belly pic. Please forgive the sweats and lack of makeup!

It feels great to have another week under my belt. Especially when we get a good report from the doctor! We had an appointment Wednesday. They did an ultrasound on the babies, and they are all doing great. Heartbeats are good! Ultrasounds have become such a chore for me though. The table is so hard, it’s really tough on my back and sciatica, and lately it makes me ill too! I don’t know what it is, if it’s the pain or something else, but laying there, I start to feel awful, and then I start to get really hot and sweaty, and I have to move before I faint. They tried putting me on more of an incline, but it didn’t help. Only thing that helps is laying on my left side or getting up off that darn table! I’ve grown to really dread ultrasounds, except for hearing the results. They also checked my cervix via ultrasound, and there’s been no change in the last 3 weeks! We were so relieved! That in itself gives me hope that we will be able to reach our goal of at least 30 weeks.

On the home front, things continue to be chaotic. We are continuing to move and get organized little by little, in addition to dealing with various illnesses and disabilities! I’m being a good girl, and staying in my recliner for most of the day. I’m not avoiding stairs altogether, because the other night I had too many contractions after going up and down the stairs a couple times. I just feel pretty good, so it’s hard to stop myself. Like I’ve said, I want to feel useful! Then Easton comes up with this random limp yesterday. It was better today but still there a little. At least it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Today he came down with a fever! My poor baby has been such a sad sack. Hopefully it doesn’t last long!

I had a nice surprise visit from an old friend today, who brought me some adorable baby girl clothes. Thank you thank you thank you!! And as always, thank you to everyone else for your messages of support, and the prayers that are being sent up for our family. They seem to be working, so keep them coming! ❤

Life Back at Home

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I figured I’d put up an update. Well, progress report, really. I’ve been home for about five days now, and there’s been ups and downs. Overall, I’m happy to be home. I’m happy I get to see Easton all day, and I’m able to help keep him on schedule and just be involved in his life! Although right now I’m sad because he’s spending a few days at his Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Due to everyone’s schedules around here, I wouldn’t have had anyone to help me take care of him, so he’s on a little vaca. I miss him but I’m happy to know he’s having a blast with his grandparents and his cousin.


My family has been great in taking care of me. They yell at me if I try to do something, and make sure I’m resting all day. It sucks sitting in a chair all day, but I know it’s for the best! I can’t wait until I’m able to move around and I can help organize and clean up around here. It gets really tough at times, when I want to help with Easton and can’t. I hate feeling useless and unimportant. In some ways it’s easier to be in the hospital. Plus he looks to play with Pappy and Daddy, not me, so that just sucks. I was so used to being his number one all day! And I’m realizing it will never go back to the way it was. I’m just really going to miss those Easton and Mommy days.

We are still in transition, and will be for a few more weeks. So half my stuff is here, and half my stuff is next door. And our stuff here is just all over the place and totally disorganized. It’s frustrating for me because I’m very anal about things, but since I can’t do anything about it, I’m trying not to get too bothered by it! Easier said than done!

My monitoring is going well. I’ve had a couple times where I had too many contractions, but they tell me to drink lots of water and monitor again, and the next time was better. So I am good as long as I’m constantly drinking! It’s been uncomfortable sleeping, but I got a new body pillow and that has helped. One thing I really miss is my hospital bed!

As I’m writing this, I texted my mom to ask how Easton was doing. She sent back a pic of him sitting on his Grandpa’s lap watching Doc McStuffins before bed. I texted back a pic of myself and said to tell him night night, and that I love him and miss him. My mom said he kissed my picture and keeps looking at it and smiling (in between watching Doc of course!). That just brought tears to my eyes and made me so happy. Love him so much!

We have a doctor’s appointment Wednesday, and then after that we will either stay on a weekly visit, or most likely go back to going every other week. My doctor says he doesn’t really know what he’d do with me, and it’s better for me to stay home and rest anyway.

We are still hoping to go at least 30 weeks, so that would be August 1st. Please keep hoping and praying for these babies to stay in here past that date! Thanks for all the continued love and support!

Home Sweet Home


Woohoo! I’m home! It felt so wrong to drive out of the parking garage, like I was sneaking out! But I’m glad to be home. The weird part is that I came home to a new home, familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. And our stuff is not all over here yet, so it’s a bit chaotic and will take time to get everything over here and organized. It’s hard not to do stuff. Already I’ve done too much and registered too many contractions on the monitor so I’m doing some extra monitoring. Brian got mad at me, so I promised I’d be better from now on. I will! Easton was happy to see me when he woke up from his nap, which was awesome. And my cat Murphy has been my little buddy again, so that’s nice too!

The reason I was able to come home was because these babies are rock stars! They are all measuring about two pounds each, and have nice strong heartbeats. Plus, I had a cervix check, and there’s been no change since I got admitted to the hospital two weeks ago. Yay! Oh yeah, they also weighed me, and I’ve gained 45lbs so far. It sounds horrendous, but my doctor said total I should gain about 65 lbs. So I’m actually doing well.

Before Brian sprung me out of the hospital, we also got to take a tour of the NICU. It’s inevitable that the babies will spend some time there, so it’s best to be prepared for what it would be like. It was overwhelming, to say the least. Seeing those babies, so tiny, with all the bells and whistles around them brought tears to my eyes. At the same time though, it was encouraging to hear the stories of tiny one-pound babies thriving and to see all the wonderful nurses and doctors taking such good care of them. They told us they have already started forming a contingency plan for our quads, so it’s nice to know they will be prepared for them to arrive.

The coolest part was that as we were leaving the NICU, the last set of quads born there were visiting! They are 15 months old and doing great, so it was awesome to meet them and chat with them for a little while. She also offered her contact info so i can keep in touch and ask her questions. I think she will be a great resource for us, or even just a source of sanity. They have seven kids total, and are doing great, so what better role models could we have?

Being home will take some getting used to for me. I really need to remember to rest a ton, and don’t go following Easton around or getting up too much. I hate relying on other people, and just sitting around while others take care of my son, but it’s more important to do what I can to keep these babies I here as long as possible!

I’m So Excited!

I’m so excited!! I may be coming home tomorrow!! Finally both my doctors are on the same page with SOMETHING. I have a growth scan for the babies tomorrow morning at 9am, and if all goes well and they look good, I’ll get to go home! And neither doctor anticipates any issues with the babies, so I’m optimistic. I can’t wait to see how big they are now! As of two weeks ago, they were measuring a week ahead and weighed 1lb7ozs-1lb9ozs. Hopefully they are still ahead.

I asked my doctor if I would be on strict bed rest when I go home. He said no, it would be like being here. I’d be resting a lot by default, but I’m free to move about the house. I can make Easton breakfast, and not be stuck in a bed all day. My only restriction is not to lift over twenty pounds, so obviously I can’t pick up Easton or get him in and out of his crib (he weighs 36+lbs!), so I will need help with that. Plus I do want to rest as much as possible, so I won’t be chasing him all over the backyard or taking walks with him. But I’ll get to see him all day, every day, which is what matters!

I know how much better I feel being in the hospital. Most of the aches and pains like back pain and sciatica pain, are gone. So I see how good for me the rest is. Picking up Easton hurts anyway, LOL, so I’m ok with needing help. I just want to be home!

I’ve had minimal contractions still, and my heart rate has stayed normal. They’ve also been checking my lungs since I had the IV in ICU and they are clear. Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check the babies’ heart rates and they were all normal too. They were kicking like crazy! My belly really looks like a scene out of Alien. I though it was weird when I was pregnant with Easton! But now the kicks are all over so it’s even crazier!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting from home. Keep your fingers crossed and keep sending out good thoughts and prayers that everything goes well tomorrow and I can go home! Thank you everyone for your continued support!