Weighing In

Emerson went back to the doctor for a weight check today. Two weeks ago she was just under the ideal weight gain, so she had to go back after two weeks. I wasn’t worried though, because we increased her bottles and she’s been eating more and seemed to be packing on the pounds! Well, I was right and she gained 16 ounces in 14 days. Ideal is an ounce a day, so she recovered her previous deficit and kept right on going!! No worries with that tough chick!

Speaking of weight checks…

I’ve decided it’s about time to get my butt in gear. I gained so much weight during pregnancy, I probably weighed about as much as Brian! Since delivery, I’ve lost all but 22lbs just pumping and going about my day. Then I hit a roadblock. I’m at a plateau, and need something to jump start me. I’ve walked a few times, but that’s it. I’ve had hip/leg pain and so my doctor said no exercise, but that’s way better so it’s time. I have this belly left as a lovely souvenir and it needs to go away. I’ve also got to counteract all the Halloween candy I’m indulging in, as well as the holiday treats that are coming. Last week I tried to eat better and my weight went down a pound and a half, but this week I’m up a few pounds!!! The scale today lot a fire under me so Brian picked up Focus T25 off Craigslist for me. It was recommended to me by a Beachbody coach because of the 25 minute time commitment, and that there’s a girl to follow on the DVD who does a modified version of the workouts after having had a baby. It sounds perfect for me! And by posting it on here, I’m held accountable to actually do it. So tomorrow I start!!! Wish me luck!! Hopefully in 10 weeks I’ll have good results to report.

Two months old!

On the 21st, the babies turned two months old. It feels like forever though! We’re happy to have made it this far, but are struggling to keep our sights set on that light at the end of the tunnel. Nights are rough. But at six weeks from their due date we can start early sleep training, says the book. We used “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child” by Dr. Weissbluth as a guide with Easton, and we’ll try with these guys too!

Easton is an amazing sleeper, and has been from the start. I’m not sure if this is due to his nature, or due to the book, but we’re going to try it. We didn’t follow it to a tee with Easton, but it gave us a good guide of how to sleep train. With all of these methods and books, I don’t think any one is perfect, but it’s good to know about a lot if them, and keep the techniques in your arsenal. When one thing doesn’t work, try another!
Last night Brian and I made it out to dinner together!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Olive Garden with our favorite server, who we are sad to say is moving! Her last day was fast approaching, and we wanted to see her before she moved on to bigger and better things. It was great to see her, and to enjoy a nice dinner, just me and Brian.
The babies are doing great, and getting bigger by the day.
Brody has gotten better with his sleeping. He’s up to 5 ounces of milk/formula, and finishing every time!

Hayden is overall a good eater and sleeper, but lately has been upset after eating, which makes it hard to get her back to sleep after a feeding in the middle of the night.

Emerson has quite the temper!! She will definitely tell you when she’s not happy – which of course has been at bedtime lately. It takes her a while to settle down after the nine o’clock feeding, which is tough!! But her smiles make it all better!

Deacon has decided he likes being up at night too. He fusses during the day too, and it seems like he just wants attention. He’s happy to be held or just be with someone.

Easton is his usual funny self. He makes us laugh all day, and I’m just so happy he is taking all this in stride.

Slowly these weeks are passing by, and each one gets us closer to a good night’s sleep, although it’s hard to believe that right now. The bright moments we’ve experienced have been the visits, offers of help, the meals we’ve received, and the generous gifts the kids have been given. I continue to be so touched and surprised almost daily by the generosity of our family and friends, and even from their family and friends! There’s something about a set of healthy quadruplets being born that bring out the best in people and we are grateful to be at the center of it all. I don’t know where we’d be without our support network. Big big thanks to all!!


Family Resemblance

So Brian doesn’t see it, but I totally think that Brody looks like Easton. He’s pale, blond, bald, with a big round head and the same nose. The picture quality isn’t good, but here, you be the judge!


Know which is which? Easton is on the top and Brody on the bottom. I really hope he follows in his brother’s cute footsteps!! He already is packing on the pounds like Easton did!!
As for the others, I can’t tell who they look like. I do know that there is a family resemblance between all of them, which I love. Between the quads, I think Deacon and Emerson look the most alike, but still are different enough to easily tell them apart. I’m happy they all look different!
I’m so excited to see them grow and discover what they will look like, and what their personalities will become. We are in for one great show!

Growing like weeds!

The babies are now 8 weeks old!! They are staying awake more, mostly because we are annoying them to keep them awake! It’s our newest plan to get them sleeping better at night. It’s been rough for Brian and I at night. This is kind of a regular occurrence:

We’ve also tried different kinds of formula to help their gassiness, in case that’s affecting their sleep. So far it hasn’t made much of a difference. They are still farting up a storm!
We took all four babies to the doctor yesterday. I had two helpers so it was a piece of cake. Thanks Mom and Peggy!


Brody is now 8lbs7ozs!!! I had guessed 7 1/2 because he was 6lbs12ozs only two weeks ago. So he is definitely meeting his ounce a day ideal growth!! He’s also tied for shortest, at 20 1/2in. Brody looks like Easton, and seems to be built like him too! He’s got the pale skin like E, and has lost most of the hair on top of his head. We call him the little old man, and he certainly is living up to it!!


Miss Hayden is our best sleeper! If they all could follow in her footsteps, we wouldn’t be so cranky all the time! We know if Hayden cries, he has a good reason! She’s tall and skinny, weighing 7lbs8ozs and stretching 21 1/2in long! She’s the tallest, but weighs the least. I love that she’s awake so much more now, so I can see her big, beautiful blue eyes.


Emerson is ever the contortionist! We have no idea how she sleeps in these positions, but as long as she’s sleeping we’re good!! She’s been up a lot at night, so more playtime during the day seems to help her sleep better then. Em is 7lbs12ozs and 21in long, so she falls right in the middle of them. She isn’t growing quite as fast as the others though, so she has to go back to the pediatrician in two weeks for a weight check, as opposed to four weeks for everyone else. We gotta beef her up a bit!! I call her an Angry Bird because she has quite a set of lungs! She’ll let you know when she’s upset! She screamed the loudest when she got her shot at the doctor, but quieted down right away.


Last but not least is our peanut Deacon. But he’s not really a peanut anymore!! He’s 7lbs10ozs and 20 1/2in long, so he’s tied for shortest, but is no longer the lightest!! He’s the biggest whiner when he has to be changed or bathed. He just want to stay cozy warm!



Easton is as busy as ever! He’s always outside with Pappy or Aunt Holly and Madison, and loving it!! He comes in covered in dirt so we know he’s having a blast! He’s a great big brother, and we’re so proud of him. He’s sweet to his siblings, and helping more around the house by putting his laundry in the hamper and cleaning up his toys. The Terrible Twos aren’t so terrible so far!! (Knock on wood!).

The pugs are missing out on some attention, but they are being good with the babies. They are spending a lot of time outside in this beautiful weather with their feline friend Jeter. He’s the last man standing of the colony of cats we had in the backyard, so we brought him to the animal shelter to get fixed, tested, vaccinated and protected as part if their trap and release program. Then we brought him back and let him go in our yard, where he rejoined his pack.


So there you have it! One big happy (tired) family!

Product Review: Wubbanubs

These are just too cute, on top of being functional. They are Soothie pacifiers with little stuffed animals attached. They look so cute using them!!


They cost anywhere from $12 to $18 that I’ve seen on Amazon and Babies R Us, and I’m glad I tried them! I had seen them on a blog written by another quad mom, and I figured if she recommended them, they were worth checking out!!
They still fall out of their mouths, but less. The best part about these, though, is that they are harder to lose!! We keep losing the little Soothie pacifiers the hospital gave us (which by the way are the only ones they will use), so these are amazing for us. And they look so darn cute with them! I bought the giraffe and the monkey off Amazon, and just ordered the elephant and the frog! We keep losing the other three regular pacifiers in the couches, blankets and even under the babies! There’s tons of animals to choose from; it was hard to pick even four of them! If they were cheaper I’d buy a couple more sets to keep in the diaper bag and the car seats but we can make do with four if them. We don’t leave the house that much!!
I’m not super happy they are taking pacifiers, but I’ve embraced them to get some peace and quiet, and the Wubbanubs give us even more of that!!

Full term!!

We’ve reached full term!! Today was my original due date. So now their adjusted age is zero weeks, but chronologically they are seven weeks old. I’m excited to now be able to compare them to their peers and see how they are doing. They are each probably close to seven pounds now, so they are just like typical babies now! I’m looking forward to seeing when they reach developmental milestones.

Photo shoot!! We put the babies’ name bracelets on and tried to catch a good picture of them. Those are Aunt Holly’s feet caught in the pic.

They don’t stop moving their feet, as you can see. Here’s a pic of the bracelets, made by Jan at http://www.justforkids.com. Of course they are color coded for each baby, and have their names. So cute!!

The babies are taking turns keeping us up at night, which is rough. My two cups of coffee daily are more vital than ever now!! Sometimes I think we are getting used to the lack of sleep, and sometimes I think it’s really taking its toll on us. I know this phase won’t last forever, but it’s hard to remember that when you are struggling to stay calm as your baby wakes up screaming two minutes after you’ve rocked her to sleep. The boys seem to have a little reflux, and all are so gassy!! I don’t know if this is what’s keeping them up, or if it’s because they sleep too much during the day, or some other reason. So we are trying things like floor play time and gas relief drops to see if anything helps them to sleep better at night.

It’s hard to stay mad at these cuties though!! They are good, sweet babies and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!
Here we are going for a walk. I had Emerson and Easton, while Brian pushed the others in the triple stroller. We must be a crazy sight!

My doctor said I could take walks but still no real exercise since I’m having leg and hip pain. She thinks it could be a pulled ligament, or due to muscle atrophy from being on bed rest so long, and prescribed physical therapy to see if that helps. Hopefully insurance will cover it! I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss it seems, or it’s just slowed way down, so I’m anxious to work out. I’ve gotta counteract my terrible eating habits!! I’ve got a crazy sweet tooth lately, and though I try to eat well, I’m not ready to give up my treats. I’ve got about 22 lbs more to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and a belly to flatten!!
Easton is a great big brother. He is trying to interact with the babies more. He gives them kisses goodnight. It’s so sweet!

Well, right now the babies are supposed to be sleeping but Emerson keeps interrupting my blogging and my catching up on X Factor. Story of my life I suppose. With less than an hour left until the next feeding, I’m going to wrap this up and try to rest while Brian takes a turn with her. Praying for a quiet night and some decent sleep tonight!

39 weeks!

Love these little baby feet!
Another week down, and one week away from being full term!! Life continues to be crazy busy, but we are rolling with the chaos. It’s not bad during the day; it’s really just the overnights that are killing us. The kids take turns crying at night, mostly from 10pm-1am, which really is rough on us. And with no chance to sleep during the day, it really makes my twice-a-day caffeine fix a necessity. When I don’t have my coffee around 3pm or so, I get really exhausted and really depressed feeling. Maybe I need it fed continuously to me intravenously! I’m just keeping my eyes forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, when we can sleep more.
I took the babies to the pediatrician again, but two at a time this week! She said when they reach 10 lbs each we can let them sleep through and eat on demand. We’re hoping to drop that 1am feed! We also can take them to the doctor every two weeks now, which makes life easier.


Brody is now 6lbs12ozs, which makes him the heaviest! He has been our squeaky wheel thus far, but the others are stepping up and crying at night too. He’s been super gassy so we tried taking him off the supplemental formula but he’s still tootin up a storm so back to milk and formula for him!


Hayden is now 6lbs7ozs, so she is growing so fast!! She has been our best eater and best sleeper, but still takes her turn screaming at night!!


Emerson is also 6lbs7ozs, and also growing well! She’s our little contortionist, sleeping in such uncomfortable positions!


I call Deacon “Peanut” because he seems so much tinier than the others, but he’s caught up with his sisters, at 6lbs6ozs. But he’s still my little monkey!


We went for a walk as a family, which was great! It was nice to get out and get some exercise and fresh air, two things that are hard to come by these days! Easton had a blast riding in his seat, happily munching on his apple.



Speaking of apples, which are his new favorite food, Easton had a fun time going apple picking with his Aunt Holly and cousin Madison.

He also loved painting his pumpkin! As you can tell, Easton is unphased by having four siblings all of a sudden. He’s always been very chill and easygoing, but we also thank Aunt Holly and Pappy and other family and friends for spending time with him and doing fun things with him. It’s made this huge life change easy for him!
Much easier than for Brian and I! I doubt we will get used to the change in sleep pattern, but hopefully that will shift again soon and give us some more sleep.
Regardless of how tired I am, or down my mood may be at times, I look at my babies every day and I’m amazed for one thing, that these angels are all here and so healthy. I’m also amazed at my luck that all these beautiful, perfect little babies are all mine! I’m so proud to be their mommy, and so excited for the future of our family, as cluttered and chaotic as it is!