A Quick Daily Update

I had a great night of sleep! I think I’m at that point, that since I’m resting so much, I can sleep half the day. But no naps today! Mornings fly by with doctor visits, breakfast, monitoring, etc. My other doctor was in today, and made me feel a lot better about being off Procardia. In a nutshell, he said its better that I’m off it because it could actually be harmful being on it for a long period of time. He also said that there is no research to show that it keeps contractions or labor from coming when your body says its time. So if it’s going to happen, it will happen. Not a fun thought, but at least I feel better not being able to take it. Plus there’s short term meds I can take if needed. Before he left, he told me that since things are looking good, he says I should have no problem making it to 28 weeks. Of course I want to go further, but that’s our next milestone. It’s a little confusing that my doctors seem to contradict each other, but I think my main doctor is just more cautious.

My afternoon was full too! My parents and my sister visited again, which was awesome. My parents brought Easton some new pajamas (Mickey Mouse!) and a book, and bibs for the new babies. My sister brought two sets of preemie onesies, and omg are they tiny! It’s almost scary that they will be so little! Easton was 8lbs11ozs, so I’m going to be afraid to break these little ones! Brian and Easton came for their daily visit as my fam was getting ready to leave, and I’m always so happy to see them. ❤

Now I'm watching Brazil kick Spain's ass, and trying to stop myself from finishing this whole bag of Skittles. Wish me luck!

Oh and all is still well with my heart, minimal contractions today and the babies are doing good kicking me like crazy 🙂


Some Excitement For Me (and not the good kind)

So yesterday started out great with a visit from my best friend’s mom, who brought me ice cream and M&Ms. Thank you! In the afternoon I was bored of the tv so I was watching a movie on Netflix on my iPad. I was sitting up, and I started to get super tired. So I put the bed down flat, an laid down on my side to continue watching. As soon as I laid down, my heart started pounding out of my chest, really fast. I’ve felt that before, here and there, but it goes away after a few minutes. I kept watching and after ten minutes Brian arrived with Easton and it was still going. I tried to just deal with it, hoping it would stop, and then Brian said I should call the nurse.
So they came in an my heart rate was like 130bpm. Everything else looked ok and I had no other symptoms, but the nurse wanted to call the doctor. Over the course of the next few hours, I had an EKG (some changes showed up but nothing major) and an ultrasound on my legs to check for blood clots, but there were none. This all started at 3:45pm, and by 8pm it was still going. I had some bloodwork, which only showed magnesium level was a little low. I had a medical consult, internal medicine residents and attending doctors all come in to examine me.
At around 9:30 they moved me to the MICU so I could be closely monitored. I got an IV line put in, just in case I needed it at some point. That was a special kind of torture – the nurse went on and on about how this was a new type of IV and she was still learning it and it was tricky. Are you serious??? I told her to stop talking. It ended up hurting so bad I was in tears. And the pain never went away! I was also put on a heart monitor with all the fun sticky pads an wires attached to me. They did blood work, which came out normal. Once I was settled, Brian headed home and I was on my own to attempt sleep. But sleep was difficult, as was getting up to use the bathroom, which turned out to pull out from under the sink, and I just had to pull a curtain around me. Brian calls it my prison toilet. Awkward!

Plus there’s big double doors that they leave open, and a window that’s wide open. And everyone who came in was in the habit of leaving the curtains open. Of course, my IV wouldn’t let me walk to that side of the room so I felt completely on display back in my beautiful hospital gown.

At 1:30am they started pumping fluids in me via the IV because they thought I was dehydrated. My blood pressure was down as low as 85/57. At that point, my heart rate was still up around 115.

I was able to fall asleep again, and woke around 4:30am. I saw on the monitor that my heart rate was down to about 92, and I felt so much better! No more heart pounding out of my chest. By 515am it was down to the mid-80s, and stayed anywhere from 85-95 for the remainder of the time.

They did another EKG and more blood work in the morning, both of which came out normal. My blood pressure went back up a little bit, so after about five different doctors came in to examine me, they said I could go back. Of course, hours pass after they all say this, but the happy news is that I made it back to my old room this afternoon. I never thought I’d be so glad to be here!

There’s no 100% confirmation, but all of the doctors agreed that it was probably the Procardia that caused the heart palpitations. My doctor thought it was unusual that after 8 or 9 days of being on it that it would happen, but there was no other explanation. So that was discontinued, and I’m left just hoping my contractions don’t come back. There is no substitute for the Procardia. My other option is magnesium via IV, but that isn’t a long term solution. So we are just going to be positive, and say that these contractions aren’t coming back! And I have to remember if I ever have a high blood pressure issue, that I cannot take Procardia because it could put too much strain on my heart. Apparently, this happens with like 10% of people or less, and lucky me is one!

After I settled back in I took a much-needed shower, and got a visit from my two favorite boys. Just what I needed! Brian and his family made amazing progress with the move and cleaning, so it makes me feel better that they were able to get stuff done. We even have a nursery that’s almost totally set up! I wish I could be there, but when I’m home and physically able, I know I’ll put my stamp of OCD organization on it.

Because I’m sure you are wondering, the babies are fine! They were kicking me like crazy all last night, and my monitoring this afternoon looked great. So no worries! And we are one day closer to seeing them on Wednesday and finding out how much they’ve grown.

Please, especially now, thoughts and prayers that my contractions stay normal, and that the babies continue to do well. We really appreciate it.

25 Weeks Today!

Another week down…it feels great to get to Thursday to say we are one week further, especially since every week, even every day, counts.


These are my new toys here, or torture devices. Compression booties to help circulation and prevent blood clots while I’m laid up. The weirdest thing ever! I also got an air mattress for comfort. It’s not the best, but I’m getting used to it.

This morning I had uneventful visits from my doctors, and uneventful monitoring, which is great. From now on, my ultrasounds are going to be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, instead of every day, because the babies are doing good. So that’s positive!

I was motivated this morning and organized my iPad. Go me! How sad am I??? I also had a burst of organizational inspiration, so I jotted down some notes of things I wanted to do. This way if I get to go home I have a list of things I can do on my computer. Don’t worry, it’s all sitting down stuff!

My sister-in-law came to visit with Easton this morning, which is always the best having him here. He is so stinkin cute and funny. He cracks me up!

After lunch I had a surprise visit from two of my soccer girls! It was awesome to see them and have some company, and find out how my team has been doing. Plus they brought me ice cream, my favorite mint chocolate chip. I can’t complain!

Brian came as they were getting ready to go. Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Hopefully we will get to have a nice dinner together this weekend, so today was just a shorter visit so he could get home to E and his list of stuff to do. He did bring me a cute card and an Entenmann’s crumb cake, so again, I can’t complain!

Tonight I was having what I though was some contractions, but the monitor showed nothing, so I think it’s just stomach cramping. They started giving me a stool softener this morning, so maybe that’s why the cramping. Or maybe i ate too much dinner. Whatever the reason, it’s uncomfortable! Hopefully between the booties squeezing my legs and the cramping in my belly I’ll be able to sleep. At least the heartburn has stayed away.

As always, I appreciate and look forward to reading texts, emails and comments from everyone. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this love, but it’s much appreciated. I send my love back to each one of you!

Time Flies! Hooray!

Today flew by! I slept good last night – no heartburn except for a short time before the nurse gave me my Pepcid.

No news from the doctors this morning, which is good because that means all is well! Only one contraction on the monitor today, and ultrasound showed the babies’ heart rates are good.

I had visitors all day, which is why today passed by quickly! Brian’s cousin stopped in this morning with her adorable little boy, so it was nice to see them! As soon as they left, Brian’s sister brought Easton to visit. After checking out the backhoe dumping rocks into the dump truck, he played with his cars and colored on the bed with me. It was nice to have a little cuddly time! After they left, I jumped in the shower real quick, and then my mom arrived, bringing yummy lunch with her. We spent a great afternoon eating, talking and playing an old German board game I remember playing as a kid. It was fun to do something different! Then after my mom left Brian stopped by on his way home from work. Such a great day!

Oh I wanted to share a funny: I was standing in my doorway watching Easton leave and a lady came out of the room across the hall. She stopped and stood looking at my belly and said, “oh, you still have your baby.” I said, “yeah, I’m just in here to make sure everything is going ok. There’s four in here.” She answered, “four? Oh my…you’ve got triplets in there?”. LOL! I was polite and corrected her but I was cracking up on the inside!

The rest of the day has just been hanging out watching TBS playing on my phone. The usual! Going to try to get some sleep now – thanks to everyone who visited, called, texted, etc. today! You made my day!

A Much Better Day – No Crying! :)

So I’ll start with the best part – we have a plan! I think my tears worked on the resident doctor because he came in bright and early and said he talked to my doctor about coming up with some sort of plan. He said he knew I’d feel better having something in place. As of now, we are going to do a growth scan on the babies next Wednesday, and probable check my cervix too. If everything looks good, I’ll get to go home. If not, I stay. Woohoo! How hard was that??? I felt such relief with that in place. It still gives me at least a week more, and there’s no guarantees I’ll go home, but at least I have something to look forward to. So I have been much happier and content with the situation today. Thank goodness!

Again last night I had awful heartburn from the evening through the night, and the Pepcid plus Tums wasn’t cutting it! My doctor said I could have the Pepcid twice a day now, so hopefully that helps. I’m still getting the Procardia every six hours for the contractions, and it’s still working nicely. The monitoring has shown very few contractions at all.

I’m also still getting ultrasounds every day to check the babies’ heart rates and they are all doing well! They seem to be kicking me more and more each day. It’s so weird to see kicks popping out all over my giant belly!

Oh and I don’t have to record how much I pee all day now either 🙂 One less thing to worry about!

I was happy to have my two favorite boys visit me again…my favorite time of the day! It was so nice to stretch out on my bed with E tucked up next to me playing with my iPhone. Almost like being home.

Continued thanks and appreciation for the emails, phone calls, texts, comments, thoughts and prayers you guys are constantly sending me. It’s a bit overwhelming how many people care enough to reach out. It means so much to me and really helps me while I’m in here. ❤

I’m a Debbie Downer today

So after a crappy night of sleep due to wicked heartburn (I did happen to catch the start of a movie on the premium channel though which was nice, even at 4am – without schedule this is very difficult) I met with the resident and my doctor as usual this morning. He literally had nothing to say except to ask me if I’ve had any contractions. So I asked him what the plan was, what’s going on here. Just basically looking for some idea of how long I’m in here for. No answer. Of course. He doesn’t want to check my cervix because it might cause contractions, which I understand, but that’s what’s keeping me in here. So if we don’t check it, how will we know if it’s getting worse or staying the same? So then I asked if I was in here indefinitely, or if there’s a time frame, or what. He just laughs at me, and then hems and haws and says maybe ill check your cervix at the end of the week. Maybe? Really? You can’t make a plan for a certain day? Nothing has changed in my situation in like four days. At this point I started tearing up and I’m trying not to cry. He knows I want to be home with my son and says with all that’s going on at home it’s probably better for me to be here. No it’s not! Stress can cause preterm labor too! And I’m certainly stressed being away from home and my baby. So that’s where it gets left with him. I know nothing more than I did days ago.

I started bawling as soon as he left the room, and talked to Brian a little to convey my wonderful conversation with the doctor. The nurse came in after that and of course my eyes are all puffy and red and she basically tells me to plan to be here a while. The nurses say that, but they aren’t calling the shots, and without knowing the whole picture are just guessing. But why can’t my doctor just say that? Why can’t he just say yes you will be here until the babies are born, or you will be here until we see x and y happen. I’m such a planner and do much better knowing exactly what to expect. I know we can’t predict what may happen, but if he could just say ok I’m observing you for 8 days, looking for this, and if we don’t see this you can go home, that would make this a lot easier. I don’t know if all women in my situation have this issue, or if my doctor is just noncommittal, but it is just so frustrating.

My life at home is changing, as we are partially moved next door, and my son has been off schedule with his sleeping, and I can’t do anything except sit here. I get picture updates throughout Easton’s day and can just wish I was there enjoying it with him. Yes, yes, I’m doing the most important job here, blah, blah, blah, but it feels like I’m doing nothing. And I hate that feeling.

Brian came here this morning with Easton and at one point E hurt his finger in the door and I picked him up to comfort him, he just kicked and pushed away and ran to Daddy. That killed me. The longer I’m in here the more he won’t need me. I know (after a great talk with my best friend) that it’s a short time that I’m in here, as compared to the rest of his life, and in the long run he won’t remember, and it won’t affect my relationship with him, but feeling replaced and unnecessary to him is not fun.

So, needless, to say, today has been emotionally tough for me, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better, and more prepared to hear NOTHING from my doctor. I’ll end on a positive note, and report that monitoring today revealed no contractions. Yay!

No News Is Good News

Checking in with my daily update…

With my 6pm Procardia pill I also got my Pepcid for the nasty heartburn. It’s done the trick! So I’ll keep getting that once a day.

Last night Brian came back to hang out with me for a while which was great. Then I started watching the Jodi Arias Lifetime movie because I’m a little fascinated by that whole story. I was hooked up to the monitor and recorded some contractions. The nurse had me take go to the bathroom and get back on, and in the next half hour there was nothing. So it was just from a full bladder. Phew! Still getting Procardia every six hours anyway, and most likely will until the babies arrive.

I slept pretty well last night and got my usual early morning visits from the doctors. Nothing new from their end, except that I could get the IV needle taken out of my arm. Nice! Now I didn’t have to wait for the nurse to come wrap my arm up when I need to shower. Plus I kept banging it on stuff and it hurt, and Easton played with it and that made me and Brian want to barf.

I got a nice early visit from my two favorite boys, who always bring me Dunkin Donuts. I was monitored while they were here, and there was nothing to report. Then I showered up in time for my next visitors, my parents and my sister. They brought a yummy lunch, and some yummy snacks for me in between meals. Thank you mom and dad!! It was wonderful having them here for the afternoon, just hanging out and chit-chatting. The best way to pass the long afternoon hours!

After they left I continued reading the new Stephen King for a while and then had dinner. The food is starting to get a little monotonous for me, as I figure out what’s good and what’s not. They really haven’t offered anything new, so my choice list is shrinking. Can’t expect too much from a hospital I suppose!

Brian and friends officially moved ours and Easton’s bedrooms next door to our new abode. It just made me a little sad to be here while the rooms got taken apart. I put a lot of love in doing E’s room and now it’s no more. But we will make new memories in our new house whenever I manage to make it home and that’s pretty exciting too. It’s all bittersweet really. And being here gives me plenty of time to think and dwell on stuff, which has never been good for me 🙂 Trying to focus on the positive!

As always, thanks for all the continued support from everyone, whether it’s taking care of my son, moving my furniture or even just sending a good thought my way. Someday I will pay it all forward!!