After a busy, tiring weekend, Mondays really suck. Brian had to get up early and go to work. I don’t bother setting alarms because with 5 young children; why would I need to?

My daughter woke me up at 8:30am. When do I ever sleep that late? When do we ALL ever sleep that late? Usually I wake Easton up at 730 to go out for the bus at 805. Oops.

So I quick threw in clothes and woke Easton up. While he got dressed and brushed his teeth, I toasted him up a waffle and packed his lunch and snack.

Luckily Pappy was home so I could walk Easton up to the school while the other 3 kids slept on!

I must have looked awesome dropping him off with my messy hair and puffy eyes. The other kids finally woke up at 915am! We had a nice lazy morning until I could drop them off away school at noon.

Then thank goodness, I got in a bit of yoga and a nice, hot shower before I had to pick them back up again.

Now everyone is back home. I’m ready for a nap since being awakened from a dream sleep. I’m wondering what we’re going to have for dinner. I’m hoping I can get my act together for tomorrow! But I’m also looking ahead to the chaos that comes with Halloween Wednesday, and the candy hangovers the next day.

Put this week down as a wash, I suppose. I can manage doing some wash and the minimum of cleaning to get through, along with some family Halloween movie times!


Mama Needs Her Soccer

What do you do when you have a 6:30pm soccer game (an hour away at rush hour!), and your husband is working late?  Why, you take the kids of course!!  And half the toys in your house, a bag full of snacks and iPads.  And you stop at McDonald’s on the way for Happy Meals.  And you promise them that if they are good while Mommy was on the field, you’d buy them an ice cream treat on the way home.  You do what you gotta do!


You make them run around before and after the game, as well as at halftime to ensure tiredness.  It also helps if your friends bring their kids too!!  Especially when you are on a nice turf field with no goals, and a half an hour after game time you have to pack up your camp and drive to an unlined field in town that has goals and set back up again.

You get to play your game, get a win, and you have well-behaved children while you are doing so.  So at 9pm, you drive back to the same McDonald’s and order milkshakes and flurry blends.  You don’t care that some ice cream and M&Ms got spilled and dried into your van seat.  You don’t care that there’s Happy Meal garbage everywhere.  You don’t care that the kids stay awake all the way home because they are just being so dang good in the car!  You even say yes when they ask you if they can take their iPads to bed at 10pm because you are just thrilled (and surprised!) that they were so well-behaved for you the entire long evening.   Because you got to play soccer.  Because you didn’t have to worry about them.

Because life has gotten a lot easier in the last couple of years.  Because it’s never going to be easy, but it certainly gets more enjoyable.

When Things Get Sidetracked…

You know what they say about the best laid plans, right?  Inevitably my dreams of a well-organized house had to be put to the side.  Not sure if it was the cold or the flu around here, but we have now been through two rounds of sickness in this house – THIS YEAR.

It’s been brutal.  Brian kicked it off with a nasty flu type bug that literally knocked him down for the count.  So naturally the kids started to fall one by one after that, and Brian’s parents got it in there too…aaaaaand then it was my turn.  Then Brian got worse again and the kids started in on a second round!!  Poor Easton battled a 3 day fever and missed a whole week of school!  Needless to say, there was a lot of television watching and kindle time going on!!


Nothing against dads, but it’s a rough job for a mom when there’s sickness in the house!!  Mom takes care of all of her regular chores, and then some.  Mom wants to take care of everyone and make them feel better, but mom is literally pulled in like 7 different directions.  Mommy needs to make tea for daddy, read a book to Emerson, cuddle Deacon, put on a show for Easton, get Hayden water and get Brody markers to color.  All at the same time.  The sheer number of demands is like insane.


Even as I’m sitting here trying to focus on typing this sentence, 4 kids are coloring at the table with me and telling me what they are coloring, asking me to write or draw things for them or asking me what they should draw.  Sometimes I think my brain will explode.

So nursing all the sickies and being coughed and sneezed on fifty times evidently wore me down enough where I was hit with the fever and sickness for a weekend.  Of course, Brian was feeling a little better and went to work, and the kids were feeling better and wanted to constantly do stuff.  So mom tries to power through because mom has no choice.  Luckily my immune system kicked the bug out after a couple days and I was back up and running by the time round 2 hit.  And it was a doozy!  Round 2 was worse!  My poor babies had multiple days of fever and and just feeling like crap.  If only I could clone myself to cuddle 5 kids at once, and then disinfect at the same time!

And just when you think it’s over, and you have 3 fever-free days, 2 boys wake up with fevers again.  Are you bleeping kidding me???

So now we are (knock on wood) FINALLY on the mend, and I’m hoping to pick up where I left off!!

KonMari hit a road block, but I’m happy to say that I have kept my clothing neat and tidy!!  Next step in that part of the journey is books, which should be nice and simple.  I don’t keep too many around!!  Hopefully I’ll get to that this week.

As far as my keto journey has been going, I’ve been (mostly) staying the course.  I’m pretty proud of how I’ve been doing!  I’ve hit a couple snags and had one minor binge, but I was able to pull myself back and I’m more committed than ever to continue this way of eating.  I just feel so great!  So energetic and happy, and motivated to keep doing all this other stuff to make my life a little more streamlined and simple.

While I’m working on that stuff, enjoy some sad, sick faces from the past weeks.

Oh, This Is Us, You Get Me Every Time…

I didn’t want to watch.  I’ve had 3 episodes on my DVR since November: Number One, Number Two and Number Three.  I went from a person who couldn’t wait to have a night alone to watch and cry along with the Pearson’s, to a person who was scared to watch because I was afraid I’d cry too much.  I saw in the previews that Kate was going to suffer a miscarriage.  I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t watch someone else go through that.  I’ve been there.  And this show just has a way of portraying emotions in such a real, raw, honest way, that it’s impossible not to feel all the feels along with the characters.

Yet, here I am.  10:50am, sitting on my bed trying to make a Christmas music playlist, fighting back tears.  I fully prepared for the event.  I have a venti caffe latte by my side.  That was my defense against the feelings.  I thought I could watch the show without becoming upset.  I thought that a latte and Christmas music would negate the sensitive subject matter.  Wrong!  This show breaks down any defenses!

However, I have to leave to pick up my kids from school soon, and I find myself anxious to get to them and hug all of them.  I find myself sad for loss, but thankful for what I was given.  I can’t wait to see those smiling faces and listen to them tell me about their school day.  And hug them super tightly.

So thanks, This is Us, for making me feel all the feels.

Changing my Ways

Well…the behavior of the children, detailed in my last post , got better, then a little worse, and then we had a couple days of pure torture. Like, questioning my life choices and parenting skills kinda torture.

Ready for this? I really thought we couldn’t sink lower, but these boys, they know how to be boys!! My oldest child, who shall remain nameless, decided to go #2 in the flowerbed. It didn’t all make it into the flowerbed. Fun times washing out pants (because the kid wasn’t wearing underwear of course) and giving him an impromptu shower. Immediately following this mind-blowing event, the younger kids were investigating the crime scene, and my older little girl stepped in the mess.

What else…let’s see…oh yes. My DARLING quad boys have continued their work redecorating their room. Their mediums of choice? A large DUMP on the rug, one on the shelf, a drizzling of pee, accented by stolen address labels and forever stamps placed “just so” on their bunk beds, and finally, the pies de resistance, sprinkling the floor with chunks of the inside of their memory foam mattress.

Sadly this isn’t even the extent of the crap. It’s just never-ending, every time I turn my back, another catastrophe happens. My head spins with lots of curse words, and phrases like “What the hell is wrong with you?” and “What the f*@#% are you thinking?” Sometimes these things come out. Please don’t judge me. Sometimes I just sit on the toilet and cry.

So needless to say, life has been pretty stressful lately. 6 & 4 are not my friends so far. Here I was thinking it all would get better after the Threenagers turned four, but little did I know the shit was all going to hit the fan instead.

Something had to change. Many things probably had to change. We had taken away everything from the offenders, toys, tv, beds, nightlight, snacks. It didn’t seem to matter. So I reached out to my fellow SuperMoms, my Quad Moms and More Facebook group. I was (selfishly) hoping that my kids weren’t actually spawns of Satan, and that maybe this was a somewhat normal phase. I was also hoping for suggestions on how to deal with it.

I got a suggestion to use a jar for each kid, and use a system of warnings to lead them up to an activity they have trouble complying with. For example, “in 30 minutes we will clean up and go to the table for lunch.” Then a five minute warning. Then finally the time comes to comply and they get a candy in their jar if they do so nicely.

So off I trotted to the store today to buy the cutest mason jars, which I labeled with their names, and some candy to start with. I sat them down and explained to them the whole process. They were excited! So we decided to start today. A couple hours later, not a whole lot of success, but fingers are crossed and hopes are up that they will embrace it.

I also busted out my Excel Spreadsheet skills, and created a weekly schedule to add more structure to their day, as well as activities to tire them out more. I’m not usually great at sticking to a schedule like this, but at least I have a guideline for what to do. I know that some days I’m just not going to feel like doing certain things like hiking!

I’m really hoping that these things, plus time, will get us through this phase. Otherwise, you may find my next post sent from a secluded beach hiding spot.

On a more personal front, I’ve been working on improving myself as well. I’ve started a ketogenic diet, which is essentially low carb, moderate protein and high fat. It’s helped me to lose 10 of the pounds that have slowly been creeping up on me in the last 15 years. I plan to blog more about that, but I just wanted to share that it’s worth checking into if you are looking to work on your health. I of course recommend starting as I did, with a professional dietician, who can help you safely navigate this new way of eating. I’m also beginning to add back in exercise to help build strength and endurance. My goal is to play indoor soccer this winter, which I’m so excited for, after 2 years off for a concussion.

That’s probably it for now. I do have lots more to share so this might become my personal journal, a way of releasing the stress. Haha I’ll throw it all at you!!!

I feel bad leaving this post without giving you pictures of the rugrats…



And my big kindergartener Easton!!

Wednesday Doctor Update 18 weeks

Went to the doctor yesterday for our bi-weekly cervical check.  Everything is still going great!  Our doctor said I had a “cervix like a rock.” LOL!  The only thing that isn’t so great is that Baby A’s placenta is all the way down by the cervix, which could cause some bleeding, but the doctor said that should move sometimes soon.  But he did limit any “activity” that might irritate it.  🙂 

We also got a regular ultrasound to check the heartbeats of the babies.  They are all getting so big and look so squished in there!  But they are all perfect.  Interestingly, the boys’ heartbeats are a little lower than they have been.  Still in normal range, but it just makes me wonder if there’s any truth to the old wives’ tale about girl’s heartbeats being higher than boys. 

We got to ask the doctor some questions, so I asked about the belly support bands.  Unfortunately they do  not do anything for belly pain or sciatica pain, both of which I’m having!!  We also asked about continuing to work and he said as long as the cervix is doing great I have no reason to stop.  He said probably in the 20-24 week range.  But of course, it’s up to me if I want to stop sooner.  Brian and I talked about it, and since it’s so uncomfortable for me, and I’m really sore afterwards, I will give notice that I will finish up at the end of this month.  I’m relieved!!  I hate leaving Easton anyway 🙂

So I don’t have a belly pic to post, but the doctor did a quick assessment and said that I’m measuring about in the 26-27 week range.  Which makes sense, because I look like I did when I was 6-7 months pregnant with Easton.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable I’m going to get in the next couple months!!