One Year Portrait – a little late!

For those of you in quad withdrawal, I wanted to share the portraits we had taken of them after they turned a year.  Just a quick post – I’ll update with what they are up to soon, I promise!

We took them to Picture People, which took over from Shooting Stars in our local Buy Buy Baby.  I was so disappointed!  I always had great experiences taking Easton to Shooting Stars (and I took him a lot!) and I am not a big fan of Picture People.  But they had this great deal, so I did it.  I had to just choose one photo, which is TOUGH, but really, there were only a couple I liked so it wasn’t too bad.  I did go back and purchase a second one, which you will see below.  *A little note to other moms of little ones – interview photographers and see their work first!  Find one you like that is competent with a group of little ones and stick with them!  The girl we had was so slow, and you have to be fast with one year olds!  She was trying to set each child, and actually expected them to stay while she set the rest!  Are you kidding???

Despite this, we managed to get a good photo of the babies in their birthday outfits, and they are super cute.  No smiles, but they are all looking and not crawling away, so that’s a success in my book!

Scan_20141014 (3)

(L to R) Hayden Victoria, Brody Wayne, Emerson Renee & Deacon Robert

This is the one I just had to go back and buy – seriously one of the best outtakes I have ever seen!!

Scan_20141014 (2)

It really just captures the essence of the quads, don’t you think?? 🙂 I just love it – makes me smile because some days, this is just how it is!!  And if you don’t laugh at it, you will cry.

Hope you enjoy the pictures – more to come soon!


Wow Cups – not so wow


Based on recommendations, we decided to try these Wow Cups.  I bought them at Buy Buy Baby, where they were $9.99. If you’re smarter than me, you’ll remember your coupons and get them a little cheaper.
They claim to be spillproof, so I gave them to the quads to test out. Turns out they are not quad proof! Sure, if they fall straight down and land on their bottom, they don’t spill. But nine times out of ten they fall on a side or the top and milk splatters. Luckily I have a dog who will lick the milk off my ankles. Thanks Yoshi!
The cups are heavy, but my one-year-olds can pick them up okay. It took some help to get the hang of drinking it of them but they can do it independently now. Don’t ask me how the cup works because that’s not my forte. My husband well be happy to give you the lowdown on that 🙂





Bottom line: I’ll keep using them because they are no worse than other cups, but I won’t buy more! And I will remain on the hunt for a truly spillproof cup.  (Although I don’t know if that will ever exist!) In the meantime, it’s water only outside of the kitchen!