I love Costco, but…

WTF is up with people loitering around the free samples????

While you’re waiting for your frozen cream puff to defrost, I’m trying to navigate our 2-cart caravan by you!

While you are oblivious to the world around you, tasting your PopChip like its a fine wine, I’m not- so- patiently waiting for you to move out of the way.

While you are standing in the aisle feeding your kids a free lunch from sample carts, I’m the one giving you “the look”, hoping you’ll take a subtle hint.

Costco, I seriously love you, and my kids actually look forward to our weekly visits with you, but please. PLEASE lay off the sample carts! Make a sample room. One aisle of all samples. Samples on the roof. In the parking lot. I don’t care. Just not in each aisle. Some people aren’t there for lunch! Some of us like to get in and get out in record time. And those people who are in their own little sample world ruin it for the rest of us.

Ok, rant over.