We can’t catch a break around here!!

We got a cold at the end of our Disney trip, and were sick around Thanksgiving. Brian got the flu and most of the kids had colds for Christmas, which dragged on through New Year’s. Last week, 3 of the kids got a stomach bug. (Shockingly, not on a holiday!) Then this weekend, 5 of my family members had a stomach bug for Super Bowl Sunday. (Technically not a holiday, but we’ll go with it.)

The 4 sick kids…the biggest kid was camera shy

Easton at lax practice – luckily he didn’t get it either!

I must have a good immune system because all I got was the first cold. But that leaves me as caregiver to all the sick people. And a stomach bug is no joke to clean up after. Rugs, sheets, blankets, mattresses, pillows, clothes, floors, doors, toilets, furniture, bodies. You name it, I’ve cleaned and sanitized it. Good times!!

I really, really need a vacation like ASAP, but I’ll settle for the next month to be illness-free. Fingers crossed!

Here’s my top 10 tips for when the stomach bug hits:

10. Everyone gets a bucket and their own water bottle.

9. Girls hair stays tied back at all times.

8. Toilets remain open with the seat up.

7. Bleach spray, paper towels and garbage bags at the ready.

6. Resolve upholstery and carpet cleaner and a srub brush close at hand.

5. Sickies stay on the couch and don’t touch anything.

4. Stock up on bread, plain waffles and crackers.

3. Even when you think they are better, do not attempt regular foods.

2. If you hear a cough, sprint towards the sound, yelling “Get to the toilet!”

  1. Keep wine on hand for you.

My Super Bowl Sunday snack

All learned the hard way. You’re welcome.