Getting My Sh*t Together

So I was all proud of myself that I made a daily schedule to keep with the kids, thinking they’d be less destructive and, well, obnoxious, if they were busier and tired out. I hadn’t done a thing with it past creation, until yesterday, when Brian asked me, “so when are you going to start that schedule with the kids?” Part of me wanted to tell him to shut up, but a larger part of me knew I needed a kick in the butt to get going! So I bit my tongue, and answered “tomorrow. ” And so I did! I kept the Excel spreadsheet on my laptop so I could reference it throughout the day. The first part of the day consisted of breakfast, getting dressed and getting Easton on the bus. The next half hour was for cleaning up, emptying the dishwasher and starting the laundry. After that, I brought out the dot markers, and printed out some free fall- themed dot pages for the kids. They did some beautiful work! Thank you to The Resourceful Mama!

Next was the dreaded music time. Shockingly the transition was smooth and I brought out the instruments next. (Tip: Keep earplugs in the box too!)

Here’s what we have:

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Clap! Clang! Tap! – 10-Piece Musical Instrument Set

Thankfully music time ended before a migraine began, and it was snack time! I had a special snack planned! Fall Snack Mix! Each kid had one ingredient, and they took turns adding them to the bowl, then they mixed it up. We used Chex Party Mix, mini marshmallows, peanut M&M’s in fall colors and chocolate chips. Another big thanks to The Resourceful Mama for this idea!

Getting to eat the snack was the motivation they needed to finish yesterday’s chore they refused to do, so they cleaned up the backyard in record time to enjoy a bowl of the snack mix they made.

By then it was time to bring the chalk outside to draw on the driveway and play tag with Daddy while we waited for Easton’s bus.

Then it was back inside for homework time for Easton. So I quickly photocopied letter tracing pages for the other 4 and we all sat around the table together. They love homework!

That brought us to lunch, and then quiet time with Easton’s iPad. The kids love watching their big brother play Minecraft!

We had a 3:15pm meet up scheduled to purchase a bookshelf off the Letgo app, so we left early as bc went to a big park that was on the way. It has a great playground, and even a small zoo!

Off to our meeting, where we scored a dollhouse bookshelf for 30 bucks! I think that’s worth a half hour trip!

Then some traffic on the way home, but thank goodness for the tv in the van and the Barbie Spy Squad movie! (Yes, they all love Barbie movies!)

The kids wanted to make paper hearts and decorate them with stickers when we got home. I agreed, feeling optimistic. Big mistake! After the hearts were done, there was sixty minutes of “cleaning up”, tears, yelling, marker on the wall, bits of paper everywhere and a broken pair of scissors.

And one frustrated mama.

It’s clear that the late afternoon/early afternoon time period needs some adjustment. The kids are tired, and not quite cooperative. Any suggestions?

Aside from the latter part of the day, though, I think it went really well! Putting more structure in our day really made a difference for all of us. With a little more tweaking, I think this can really help reduce the destruction and frustration!


4 thoughts on “Getting My Sh*t Together

  1. I’m so excited for you. Despite the small afternoon breakdown it sounds like your day and new schedule was a success.

    What about instead of another craft you put on a movie. Maybe they need down time late in the afternoon when they are tired and would have once otherwise napped!

    I hate putting my daughter in front of a show but I notice there are times that she needs a rest and isn’t quite willing to take another nap. She still naps since she’s still 21 months.

    Maybe the movie can be a learning theme. I put on you tube which gives me tons of things about animals or airplanes or things like that. I even have podcasts that read books with pictures and images that I airplay onto the tv.

    Just a thought. Best of luck. Thank you for sharing. It keeps you and yours in my prayers for more peaceful days and although it sounds like some days your exhausted it really is exciting for me to read. Reminds me of my childcare work days!

    Great job with the schedule. The crafts and snacks! Way cool!

    Excuse any errors Sent from my iPhone Michelle Geisler Anderson 908-267-9188

  2. I think I might do the snack recipe and take time out from doing NOTHING to have a snack.   :-)”Laughter is sunshine you can hear”

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