Summer Fun

The past few months have been crazy, fun and exhausting.  We all get cabin fever, but getting out takes such effort, that it’s not something I want to do every day!  We joined our local YMCA so that helps for Mommy and Daddy to get some exercise while the kids hang out in the Kidz Korner.  They also have a great kids wading pool that they love!  But most of our time is spent at home.  This is just going to be a heavy picture post, giving a little peek into our everyday life, and it’s ups and downs!


Emerson and Brody, in a rare moment of playing together happily


Emerson snuggling with Mommy after some pool time


The kids trying their best to put me over the edge!


Emerson can be so sweet


Brody the Music Man


Easton had a blast at Monster Jam


Easton and Daddy with his favorite monster truck


Deacon loves the water


Easton doesn’t want to pose for me


What’s that face Brody?




Silly Hayden


We love our little pool!


Deacon knows how to relax


Watching for the Peapod truck with Pappy

I hope you are all having a great summer so far… I’m sure ours will be flying by, and before we know it we will be celebrating their birthdays!

One thought on “Summer Fun

  1. I love your blog! I recently found it as I’m in desperate search of finding quad moms. I’m now 22 weeks with 2 sets of identical twin boys. We’re growing from a family of 5 to 9! I’d love to speak with you a little more personally. Please email me if you have the time.

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