Rotavirus in the House!

Emerson’s stool sample came back positive for rotavirus. One piece of the mystery solved. So now all the staff who come in her room have to wear a gown and gloves. I feel like she’s an Ebola patient!


Today has been a long day. Em was on the VEEG all night and all day. We were supposed to see the neurologist this morning to see how her brain activity was overnight, but in typical hospital fashion, we didn’t get word or see her until almost dinnertime. She saw slowed brain activity at times, which she thought was probably just her brain recovering from the seizures. So she then left to go check how her brain activity was today, and over an hour later returned to let us know that it was all normal. We decided to keep the VEEG going tonight just in case she has another seizure. They were going to keep her another night anyway because she’s not eating well. Emerson only wants to eat plain Cheerios and water. We’ve tried to entice her with all her favorite things, like pancakes, bacon and cookies, and even resorted to potato chips and froot loops, but she wasn’t interested!
So where we are at now is figuring that her seizures are what the neurologist called “afebrile febrile seizures”, meaning they are similar to febrile seizures in how they occur, but they are different in that they aren’t caused by a rapid drop or spike in temperature. How she described it was that the virus acts on the cells of the brain in a way that the brain could react with no seizure or seizure, and her brain chooses the seizure route. Something like that. So it’s not the kind of answer I like to hear, but it’s good to hear it’s probably not epilepsy, and she will probably outgrow it. Still, I like to have clear answers!


Today my parents came to spend some time at the hospital, which was great, since I needed lots of help calming her when she got cranky! Plus, they brought me jelly beans and Cadbury mini eggs 🙂


It took us forever to get her to sleep tonight because she only had one short nap this morning and she was so overtired!!


A doctor just came in to examine her and I said no!!! Sorry buddy, I’m not letting that happen!


Hopefully she will sleep all night and I can get some much-needed rest!
Thanks to everyone for their support and kind words…it makes me feel great to have so many people in my life who care. Brian and I appreciate it!

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