The Scariest Day of My Life

We seem to have had sickness running through our house since before Thanksgiving. Luckily it hasn’t been too bad, but the latest was Emerson. The other day, she woke up from her nap crying and she had thrown up. She continued throwing up until the next morning.  Then she started drinking and even eating, and our pediatrician said if we can get fluids in her we’d avoid a trip to the ER for dehydration. She also said her other patients had this for about 24 hours, and then maybe threw up once more the next day. Well, Emerson stopped throwing up before the 24 hours, which was great, and she was drinking and eating.  She seemed to be on the mend. This morning she threw up twice, but was still drinking and eating so we figured maybe it was the milk we had let her have.  But then the day took a turn for the worse.
She went down for a nap and Brian brought her downstairs when she woke up. He sat with her and gave her a cracker. She got down off his lap and stumbled a bit. He picked her up and she went totally limp in his arms. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her face contorted and she stiffened. He called for me and said, “We gotta go to the hospital. She’s having a seizure.”
I grabbed my purse and ran downstairs. I could see she was drooling and tensed up in his arms. Then she turned purple and was just lifeless.  It was the scariest thing I had ever witnessed. I thought she was dead.
Brian, with his firefighter training, knew to check her airway and vitals. Brian’s dad called 911 and I got on the phone with them. They had us take off her clothes and watch her to make sure she was breathing.  It was not even a minute before her color came back and she opened her eyes.  The police arrived first, then the paramedics and ambulance.  By then Emerson was more alert and just calling for Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, and I just lost it. I had held it together, and when I realized she was ok, I just started bawling like a baby. My mother-in-law hugged me, and I just said, “I thought I lost her.”  I was so relieved. That experience is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. No parent should ever have to deal with something like this.
I rode in the ambulance with her and Brian followed. Emerson was fighting sleep, just watching out the window. She was out of it, but awake and holding my hand.
At the hospital, the doctor confirmed that she had a febrile seizure, caused by a virus. It made her temperature spike or drop, which brought on the seizure. This happens to 3% of kids. They put in an IV line and took some blood for tests. All of her levels were fine; she wasn’t dehydrated abd the doctor said we could go. But Brian and I were worried that we wouldn’t be able to get her to drink, so the doctor said he would give her some IV fluids.


Oh, by the way, poor Brian got hit with the stomach bug while we were in the hospital. So while he was in the bathroom, it was like a switch went off in Emerson. Halfway through the fluids, she started talking and smiling, and when Brian came back she said, “Hi Daddy!” It was wonderful!
Meanwhile, we hear that the other three quads are all throwing up at home, and my father-in-law is now down with the bug too!  We impatiently waited to get discharged, and then finally made it home.


Everyone went to bed, and are still sleeping for right now, a few hours later. My mother-in-law stayed up for a while in case someone woke up, and is on call.  I am too wired for sleep. I’m exhausted (oh, did I mention I was at the doctor for myself this morning, and I’m in antibiotics for bronchitis?) but I’m watching the monitor, jumping when someone coughs, worrying about Emerson having another seizure, worrying someone else will have a seizure, worrying that I won’t hear someone throw up and they will choke on their vomit.  I’m itchy, because I’ve also had hives for about a month now, which just adds to the anxiety and general misery I’m feeling.
The saving grace here is that it is a 24 hour thing (hopefully) so by Tuesday it should be past us. I’m sure something else fun will follow it, but as long as it doesn’t come with seizures, I’m good.
Please send us good, healthy thoughts!
I also just want to say that I’m thankful for family and friends who are there for us when we need them. My strength comes from the positive messages and the concern and the caring.  I really could not get through this without it!






One thing I’m sure of, is that tomorrow, after I’ve had my coffee, I will be hugging my babies a little tighter, and appreciating their whining and crying a little bit more.

5 thoughts on “The Scariest Day of My Life

  1. What a horrible experience! I “felt” every emotion you had during that time (also being a mother, but my are grown now.) Poor little Emerson! I suppose she is pretty much back to herself now.

    Ginnie Miller

    quadsmakeseven posted: “We seem to have had sickness running through our house since before Thanksgiving. Luckily it hasn’t been too bad, but the latest was Emerson. The other day, she woke up from her nap crying and she had thrown up. She continued throwing up until the next mo”

  2. Watching your baby have a seizure is definitely one of life’s scariest moments. I have one that has seizures (knock on wood two years free) and I also had one code in my arms as well. Prayers and hugs!

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