18 Months and Full Steam Ahead

We celebrated another milestone on the 21st (yes I’m always late to post, sorry!) – our babies hit 18 months!!!  Now we can stop saying their age in months and just round off to the nearest half-year!  Things have changed so much and it’s just amazing all the things they can do now!  Good things and bad things… life is like a mixture of humor, love, frustration and total exhaustion.  I won’t give the exact percentages, but you can guess what a house with 4 adults, 5 toddlers, 3 dogs, 3 cats and 4 fish is like.  And Brian won’t let me get a bunny!  He’s so mean.  Anyway, life is crazy, life is chaotic, but still I would not give any of them up!  Each of my crew has such uniquely individual awesomeness that makes them special, and it’s hard to think of this life without them.  Including Brian!!  🙂

Currently, the kids are playing more independently, which is good!  It gives us a chance to clean up the kitchen or fold laundry – or sit!  The quads have moved to one nap recently, which is not always a good nap though, so we do get some dinnertime crankiness!  Hopefully we settle into the new schedule and everyone takes a good nap at the same time.

Here’s the lowdown on each of our crew:

20150221_075000 20150120_124812 20150116_153021 20150115_11552420150228_110515 20150225_165135 20150225_122309 20150220_113826

Brody isn’t the tallest (32 1/2″, 50th%), but he is the heaviest, at 24lbs (50th%).  Brody is the child we could rent out to people childproof their houses.  The moment he enters a room, he is looking for what he can get his hands on.  So once you clear out the obvious things like the remote or a cup of water, he will start testing the room for weaknesses.  Can I climb over this baby gate?  Can I use this chair to climb on the table?  It’s exhausting!  But he’s also the most ticklish thing, except for maybe Easton, and he’s a little flirt.  This kid usually has a smile on his face, and it’s contagious.  Brody doesn’t have much rhythm, but he LOVES to dance – their favorite song is the Wayfair commercial!!

20150116_153015 20150107_162535 20150228_105509 20150221_113805 20150208_182435 20150202_123335

Hayden is our petite princess.  She is 32in tall (50-75th%) and feels like a feather, weighing 21lbs8ozs (10-25th%).  She is a sweetheart whose eyes will just melt you.  She makes you work for her smiles, but it’s totally worth it.  She’s become quite clingy lately, and loves to be picked up.  And if you get the honor of bringing her to bed, she will cling to you like, “No! Please don’t take me up there!”. Hayden is starting to talk a lot more, and is a great dancer.  But her favorite thing is playing dress-up!  In the evenings when we are getting them ready for bed, we let them run around naked for a bit, and Hayden will sit down and put socks, pants and hats on, and wear shirts like shawls.  It’s so cute!  Practice makes perfect too, because she can put socks on all by herself!

20150116_153010 20150114_11342920150228_105458 20150225_122203 20150221_170237 20150220_113844 20150218_120057

Here comes Emerson!  She is the tallest, at 33 1/4″ (90th%) and almost the heaviest, at 23lbs12ozs (50-75th%).  She is also the loudest, with a giant vocabulary.  Em has tons of words, and can identify so many pictures in books!  Books are her favorite things, and she soaks up the knowledge like a little sponge.  Emerson walks around like a little drunk girl; it’s like her body is moving faster than her legs.  Watch out when she comes careening your way!  Especially if she has a book in her hand… you might get smacked in the face with it!  Emerson is becoming so funny and endearing, and her smarts never ease to amaze us!

20150120_174044 20150120_124839 20150118_172630 20150107_16271720150218_12005320150116_15295820150220_113850

Deacon is 32 1/2″ tall (50th%) and weighs 22lbs8ozs (10-25th%), but not for long!  Deacon is bulking up, probably for a growth spurt!  He is a great eater, and a great sleeper (until Brody wakes him up!) He is just an absolute sweetheart, without an evil bone in his body.  I swear, he wouldn’t know how to be naughty if it wasn’t for his brothers!  Deacon follows what they do.  I’d get mad, if he wasn’t so darn cute!  He’s got awesome hair that I refuse to cut…I’m afraid his curls will go away forever if I cut it!  Deacon is starting to talk now, and is getting the last of his molars in.  He drools like a St. Bernard!  He loves vehicles, just like his big brother.


Easton is just the coolest kid… and so funny!  He makes me laugh, when he’s not throwing three-year-old tantrums!  He’s enjoying school, and doing great.  I can’t believe I was worried about his speech!  The words and phrases he comes up with are just amazing!  He still loves vehicles, especially monster trucks.  My favorite thing to do with Easton is cuddling in bed.  There’s nothing better than watching the Sprout Channel with Easton laying next to me, his head on my shoulder.  Easton can wash his hands and brush his teeth, and we are working on potty training.  Can’t wait until that’s done!  Easton has more fun with his siblings, but his favorite is Hayden.  He always wants to play with her and share his snack with her.  It’s adorable!


As you can tell, we do have lots of fun around here!  There are some not so great moments, but as time goes on, it gets easier, better and more fun.  I still look around at least once a day and think, “I can’t believe I have FIVE kids!”  Including quads.  It’s crazy!  And it’s hard, but we are doing it, and hopefully doing it well.  We must be doing something right though, because everyone is healthy and happy.  Continued thanks to all of our help!  We wouldn’t want to do it without you!


3 thoughts on “18 Months and Full Steam Ahead

  1. Such wonderful pictures!! Where is Deacon? I seem to have 3 children. So sorry about today. I don’t know what hit me??? Peggy

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Ahh! Look at those cuties! I’ve been MIA for a while & see I’ve missed a lot!! Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking… lol 🙂 Sending hugs…..

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