Gearing up for the Holidays


As you can probably guess, we have been so busy lately.  Sorry for the lack of posts and updates!  Between Brian’s erratic work schedule, his ice hockey, my soccer, Easton’s school and swimming, and some minor colds thrown in, we seem to always have something going on!  Even when we are home, there is so much going on.  Never a dull moment!  The quads are all walking, running, climbing, singing and yelling, just like their big brother.  With four of them, you can imagine that they are into EVERYTHING.  Just when you think it’s safe, and you’ve childproofed everything, they reach a new height or figure out a handle.  I’ve had to move all my plants upstairs and empty out the changing table cabinet.  They can reach onto the dining room table, and they climb onto the hearth and up to the phone table too.  It’s impossible to block everything!  Right about now I wish I had a giant room with padded walls and floors.


Brian and I took the quads to their 15 month doctor’s appointment.  It takes an hour and a half!  And a lot of sweat lol.  The quads got two shots in their arms, poor babies.  But the good news is that they are all meeting all of their milestones for their age.  Yay!


As a group, they are all sleeping great at night and for their naps.  We would love to be able to sleep in just a tad more in the morning, but 6:45 is not too bad.  We went through a little cold and some teething that threw off their sleep a bit, but we seem to be settling back in nicely.  They are all awesome eaters, and pretty much just eat what we eat now, which makes life much easier.  Daddy doesn’t like feeding them anything with messy sauce, but they love it!  And we can always throw them in the bathtub after.  Baths are much easier these days too.  We are using the big tub in our master bathroom, and everyone goes in together.  Then one by one I take them out and dress them.  Then Grammy and Pappy entertain them until they are all done.  It’s tiring, but manageable.  I’ve even bathed them all by myself!  It’s a workout.


Individually, they are each growing and developing at their own rates and in their own ways.  I love how they are all so different physically as well as their personalities.
IMG_5522 IMG_5557
Brody still wears the crown for heaviest, although he’s not the tallest.  He is 32 inches long (50-75th%) and weighs 23lbs10ozs (50th%).  Poor Brody slipped on the floor and scraped up his lip just before we left so he arrived at the doctors with a big fat lip.  Brody is into everything.  He’s always looking around for what he can get his big paws on.  If you left a gate open, he makes a beeline for it.  He also wants whatever anyone else has, and will just take it right from them! Brody is a flirt with the ladies, and smiles and laughs often. He’s a goofball! Lately Brody dances a lot, though he doesn’t quite have Hayden’s rhythm. Brody has most of his teeth, including 3 molars! Brody will sign “more” and “milk”, and he also says “more”, “mommy”, “book”, “bye-bye”, “uh oh” and “night-night.”
IMG_5524 IMG_5576
Hayden is not the shortest, but she is the lightest. She’s like a feather compared to Brody and Emerson! She is 31 inches tall (75th%) and weighs 20lbs2ozs (25th%). Hayden is such a sweetheart. She seems very serious, and she makes you work for it, but when she smiles, her whole face just melts into happiness. Hayden is our little climber!! She can walk, run and climb now, and there’s no stopping her! She’s got 4 teeth now, and will say “hi”, “night-night”, “that”, “uh oh” and “bye-bye.” Hayden seems to prefer being held by men, and she loves her Uncle Bob!
IMG_5521 IMG_5543
Emerson is our big girl!! She is a little lighter than Brody, weighing 23lbs4ozs (50-75th%), and is our tallest, at 32 1/2 inches (95th%). She’s wearing 2T clothing now! Ems always wants to be held, and is definitely Daddy’s girl. She’s our only thumb sucker, and is happy to settle in on Daddy’s lap with her thumb in her mouth. Emerson is a big eater, and no longer has only vampire fangs. 🙂 She now has 6 teeth, and will imitate so many words, including two-syllable words. She can also independently say, “mommy”, “cat”, “shoe”, “book”, “up”, “bye-bye”, “uh oh” and “night-night.” She’s always pointing to things, saying “that”, and will greet everyone (and no one) with a big “hi!”.
IMG_5525 IMG_5537
Deacon is our little peanut, although I’m guessing not for long, because he’s been eating a ton lately! Once he gets a little pot belly, we know he will be shooting up soon! He is 31 1/2 inches tall (50-75th%) and weighs 21lbs8ozs. (%). Deacon is such a sweetheart. I always say he doesn’t have an evil bone in his body. Poor Deacon is usually the victim, getting taken down and having his toy stolen, but he will occasionally go on the offensive. Go Deacon! He has 6 teeth now, and will wave and say “night-night”. Deacon is more of the quiet type, and will play a lot by himself. But you get him laughing, and it’s the greatest sound! When it’s time to go to the kitchen for a meal, Deacon will giggle and run away to get you to chase him. It’s adorable!
IMG_5528 IMG_5566
Easton is a typical three year old. LOL! When he’s nice, he’s so sweet and affectionate, but when he hasn’t had enough sleep, he’s a terror! Indecisive, saying “NO! I DON’T want snack.” And then a minute later crying “I want snack!!” It’s super frustrating, and we are just riding out this phase, waiting for it to be over. Brian and I are trying to spend more alone time with him to give him more attention away from the quads, so hopefully that helps. The recent full moon really sent everyone into a tailspin, combined with a cold, and now I think we are getting back to normal. Easton loves school, and is making lots of friends.  He is still into any vehicles, especially monster trucks, but really, ANY VEHICLES. He will name all types of trucks, what their parts are called, and what they do (Thank you Twenty Trucks!). His teacher is quite impressed! He takes swim lessons once a week, and now is in the Pike class, where no parents are in the pool. He’s definitely getting used to that! Easton is having fun finding his elf Blizzard every day, and looking forward to Santa coming. Me too!

This post has taken me so many weeks to write, that the kids are knocking on 16 months now. We are getting more and more independent and mobile, but still I am stuck in the house a lot, without the energy to attempt taking them out by myself!! But I still get out to play soccer (thank you Brian!) and to the store sometimes, or occasionally out with a friend. In the winter though, I’m happy to snuggle in with a fire and a cup of tea. I just wish the kids could get out more and burn all that energy and get a change of scenery! But it gets easier every day and springtime should be great for them.


It was so fun to dress them up for Halloween… Superman got to trick or treat with his bff cousin Colby, while the Ninja Turtles hung out at home.

IMG_5504 IMG_5429

We also had a great Thanksgiving…


Dresses and headbands made by HomeSpunWhit on Etsy



I only caught a sweaty Easton as he quickly ran by with his cousins!  They had so much fun playing with their cousins and their aunts and uncles.
Scan_20141213Scan_20141213 (2)
I was so proud that we got our holiday card out so early this year, so enjoy it if you haven’t already seen it. It was actually pretty easy to get the pictures! Also, here is our Santa picture from this year:
We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

4 thoughts on “Gearing up for the Holidays

  1. I haven’t got anything padded for your upcoming visit, we’re going to string cattle shock wire (low voltage does) and pen them all in.  I’ll sit in there with them to control things and I feel all will be fine, a piece of cake

  2. Great job with the pictures. Can’t get over how fast they are growing. I enjoyed seeing them so much.

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