Happy First Birthday!


We made it through a year!!!  In some ways, it feels like an eternity, but in some ways it feels like, “They’re one already??”. Someone told me this, and I totally get it: The days are long, but the years (or weeks or months or whatever) fly by.  My mom was here for the quads’ big day today, and for some reason we decided to give the babies cupcakes… in the high chairs, fully clothed, after the cleaning lady had just left.  What were we thinking???  Should have put a tarp out on the lawn with naked babies!!!  Well, in any case, they enjoyed their cupcakes, and I hope you enjoy the before and after shots of their enjoyment.




OK so maybe Brody wasn’t super into his cupcake… he ate some, but left most of it.  Surprising from our heaviest dude!  Brody weighs 22lbs10ozs; a big leap from his last weigh-in at nine months.  He is 30 inches tall, putting him in the 50th percentile for both length and weight.  Brody is super fast walking around!  He will also be the one to help you figure out what you forgot to child proof… if there’s a remote left out or a cup of water, he makes a beeline for it!  He’s still such a happy baby, with a great toothy smile, but lately is a bit of a momma’s boy (not that I’m complaining!).



Hayden thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake!  However, we’re not sure how much actually made it into her mouth!  Hayden is a tall skinny girl, in the 75th percentile for length at 30 inches, and the 25th percentile for weight, at 19lbs10ozs.  She feels like a feather after holding Brody!  Hayden is still such a sweetheart.  She’s also quite the imitator, and continues to add new dance moves to her repertoire, like the booty shake and the duck face.  It’s great!  Hayden is cruising the furniture a little now, and is working on standing on her own.  She is also babbling all the time, and loves bling.  She’s our little princess!!



Em was so excited to get her cupcake!!  But after cleaning out her high chair, I don’t think too much made it in her mouth!  She is by far the messiest eater, but also the one who eats the most, which is why she also had a huge jump in length and weight.  She is the second heaviest now, at 22lbs (75th percentile) and the tallest at 31 inches (90th percentile!!!)  She has certainly caught up in size, and then some!  Em has taken her first steps, but she’s in such a hurry to move, she doesn’t take the time to steady herself.  She’s just gonna take off running when she finds her balance.  Emerson is still our outspoken quad, and has recently learned to make this awesome high-pitched, shrill scream.  Wonderful.  Make sure you don’t delay in giving her food!  She is a bottomless pit, and would eat all day if we kept feeding her!  Em will never need her brothers to beat up anyone for her; she will be able to take care of herself.  I see Emerson wearing pink cameo, driving her quad through the mud someday.  Tough girl!



Deacon eats slow and steady, and made his way through most of the cupcake.  He is still our little preppy GQ guy, with his great head of hair and to-die-for lashes.  He is such a chill boy, and is usually content to play by himself.  Deacon is 30 1/2 inches tall, which is the 75th percentile, and weighs 21lbs3ozs (25th percentile), so he’s just a little smaller than Emerson.  Deacon took his first steps today on his birthday, towards his Grandma, so that was really exciting!  He’s still a little sensitive, but has toughened up a bit.  He doesn’t cry all the time when someone touches him!  Just when they steal his toy 🙂 Deacon loves kisses still, and will give them too!


Here’s the winner of the messy cupcake award… Hayden!!  But she’s cute and she had fun, so it’s ok!!


Well, there you have it… our babies have survived a year, and Brian and I have too!!  It’s a major accomplishment, and I’m excited for what’s in store for us.  Sure, lots of chaos, noise, and herding kids, but for me it gets easier when they walk on their own.  It’s TOUGH to load up 4 babies in the van and take them out again!!!  I welcome the day when they can climb in on their own and I don’t have to break a sweat before we even leave.  Then maybe we will get out more!! 


Here’s their 12 month picture – it’s hard to believe that just one short (or long) year ago, they were in isolettes in the NICU, with IVs and CPAPs.  Now you would never know they ever arrived too early!!  I’m thankful that I was able to carry them so long, which gave them such an amazing start at life.  Though they each have their own distinct personality, they are all strong little fighters, and hopefully will carry that trait through their lives. 

My wish for them, as I reflect on their birthday, is that they will be happy and healthy throughout their lives, and successful in whatever they want to do.  If their first year is any indication, they can overcome whatever they are faced with, and apparently so can Brian and I!  I look forward to the upcoming year, and all the wonderful memories it will bring.


3 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday!

  1. What?? A year already? Wow, time does fly! They are all so adorable and grown up looking. They all look healthy and happy. It’s so amazing that you carried them ALL so far and that they all came out healthy!! Such miracles. Happy birthday babies! 🙂

  2. They are just precious. Almost daily I think to myself, “The days are LONG, but the years are SHORT!” Enjoy the little stuff that makes each day special.

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