The Babies Take on Wendy’s


We received some advice from a quad family before we had ours, and they said to start taking them out to dinner as soon as you can to get them used to it.  Start small and work your way up to fancier places.  Obviously we haven’t done that yet, just due to the sheer exhaustion we face when we do venture out.  Do we really want to add in potentially screaming babies to the mix? 

But yesterday it hit us that we really should start trying to get them out more.  Maybe they’d be happier with a change of scenery.  Maybe Easton would.  Maybe we would, too!  Our starting point was Wendy’s.  There’s one by us that doesn’t seem to get too busy, and we chose to go at like 4:30 to hopefully not have many other people around.  Not wanting to be too ambitious, Brian asked his sister and her husband to come along, so off we went with our two families. 

Brian ran in first to see how many high chairs they had.  Since they only had 3, we either would bring a stroller in (we brought the double just in case) or someone could just hold the fourth baby.  We opted to just hold the baby, so that saved us some trouble.  With four adults, it was easy to get them all in to Wendy’s.  They had just woken from their nap and had a bottle, so they were very content.  We brought toys in with us, and I had Puffs, yogurt melts and a zippy cup of water in case we needed it. 

The babies were super good, and didn’t make any noise!  They happily played with their toys (and by played I mean threw them on the floor so Mommy could pick them up).  I somehow drew the short straw and ended up in the middle of three babies while Brian was tucked in the corner with Easton, but it wasn’t too bad.  We all managed to eat our meals without rushing, and then we even stopped for ice cream on the way home!! 

Next mission:  attempting the same thing with just us and no extra hands!!  We are working up to our goal of making it to Olive Garden.  Baby steps!

3 thoughts on “The Babies Take on Wendy’s

  1. Thank you! My husband and I have begun taking our 9 month old twins out to small local restaurants and it has been so stressful! The stress is of course in the “did we prep them properly and will that even matter once the food arrives?”. So far we have eaten two very quick and not at all meals out. What a great idea to bring back up and start at Wendy’s! Awesome!

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