The Quads’ Dedication Ceremony


Over the weekend we had a Dedication Ceremony for Brody, Hayden, Emerson and Deacon, where we named each of their Godparents.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, with the rain thankfully holding off until after the ceremony and pictures.  We even managed a family picture, which turned out pretty good, considering! 

I had a blast dressing everyone up.  For the boys, I got them matching khaki shorts and cute khaki shoes, with white button down shirts and cute ties that I ordered from JetsandLilys on Etsy.  The ties were in their colors, blue for Deacon and green for Brody.  So cute!  They also had cute little fedora hats, but you can imagine how long those managed to stay on :). The girls were in adorable eyelets lace dresses from Target, with matching shoes and beautiful headbands made by WinterScarlett on Etsy.  Hayden had a pink flower headband, and Emerson had her purple one.  Easton coordinated, with a light blue linen shirt from the Gap, khaki shorts and a tie incorporating each of the babies’ colors, also made by JetsandLilys.  He also had some cool shoes on, but style unfortunately gave him blisters 😦  Brian matched Easton, with khaki shorts and a chambray button down, and I found a cute eyelet lace dress from Old Navy to match my girls.  Corny, I know!  But it made for cute pictures.

It was great to get our family together, as each of our four sisters and their husbands were the Godparents.  All of the cousins got to run around and play together, while the adults got some quality time with the babies.  All around a great day!


My sister designed and brought this cake from her local Walmart. Beautiful and yummy!

I can’t wait to get all of the pictures back and make a photo book to remember this event.  We also had professional portraits done with the babies in their outfits, which we should get to see this week.  I’m excited!

More updates to come, and hopefully some more great pictures…

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