7 Months!


Yes I know the ‘s’ is missing…I have no idea where it ended up!

Well, we have logged another month into the books!!  It feels like only a few days ago that I posted their six month picture!  I have a feeling these months are going to keep flying by now.  The weather is warming up, and our calendar is filling up!


Brody got his first tooth in!  I swear that boy is just itching to get his hands on a big, juicy steak.  He eats his food like he can’t get enough, and eyes up your food if you eat in front of him!  With that razor sharp tooth, he will be eating ribs like his big bro before we know it!



Hayden is just such a happy girl!  She’s still a great sleeper, and is doing a great job with eating now too.  And those eyes!  Photos really do not do them justice!



Emerson, our baby doll, is still waiting for that hair to come in, but she proves that bald is beautiful!  Though still our most vocal child, she is happy to give you a smile or a laugh when you play with her!


Deacon looks a little goofy in this picture, but he’s such a cute, sweet boy!  This week he’s become so much more vocal and smiley!  He loves to flirt with the ladies, batting those long long eyelashes.  I love styling his hair after bath!


This is why Easton didn’t want to be in the group picture – he had his glazed donut and he’s a happy camper!  Sporting a brand new warm-weather haircut, he looks like he’s getting ready for kindergarten!

We’ve had some warm days, and have been able to get outside for walks up to the school in our backyard.  It’s great for Easton to get some fresh air and exercise, and he loves the playground!  I’m also able to play with him in the backyard while the babies nap, which is nice.  If only this cold weather would go away for good!  We have a new (used) playard all ready to go, where the babies can play safely while Easton runs around.  Looking forward to putting that $30 to good use!


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