What a Relief!!!


We got some good news yesterday!!  We took Brody to the pediatric urologist for a consult about his hydrocele, and it turns out he doesn’t need surgery now, and may not ever need it!  We are so relieved!  The doctor said that the fluid may have increased due to activity, and is not necessarily bad.  To use a needle to remove the fluid would risk infection, and to go in and repair the tube would be premature at this point.  We are going to see him in another six months, and see where we go from there.  He said most of these resolve themselves by one year, and another 10-15% by two years of age.  The only bad thing is that we have to keep an eye on it and check for hernia symptoms, like a bump under the skin, or for Brody to be in pain.  I hate waiting for something bad to happen!  But it may not, and that’s obviously what we are hoping for.  If a hernia happens and he’s not in pain, it will have to be corrected, but not immediately – it could wait six weeks or whatever.  If a hernia happens and he is in pain, then we have to repair it right away.  So of course we will be checking it daily and keeping our fingers crossed!

We are so glad that Brody is fine!  Thanks for the good thoughts and wishes for our big boy!

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