We survived six months!!!



Brody, Hayden, Emerson and Deacon (always in birth order!) in their six month photo.

I can’t believe we are actually here! Ok, they actually hit this milestone a week and a half ago, but I’m soooo slow posting, and I’m still figuring out how to post on my Surface!  Anyway… we went to the doctor for our six month checkup, and everyone is GREAT!!  They are all growing as they should be (or faster!) and are on par with babies their chronological age, which I am so psyched about!  Plus, they are meeting all their developmental goals appropriately, another WHEW!  Now, Brian says this time has gone by quickly, but for me it feels slow.  However, when I think about last summer being in the hospital still pregnant, it feels like a lifetime ago.  We are closer to this summer than to last summer!  I guess I’ve just been in a fog, just focuses in my survival mode, and time marches on.  Half the time I don’t even know what day it is anyway.  The life of a SAHM with five babies! 

So what are they up to now??  Everyone is having an absolute blast in their Jumparoos and Exersaucer. 


They are so cute bouncing around, and playing with the toys.  It’s awesome to see them so intent on the toy, reaching out and grabbing them, and of course putting them in their mouths.  These teeth HAVE to come through soon!  I swore Brody had just the tip of a tooth poke through, but I guess I just imagined it because there’s nothing there now!  But there is PLENTY of drool… we go through like 20 bibs a day. 

We’ve also started solids!  Woohoo!  I’ve been looking forward to this day, probably because it just tells me that we are closer and closer to these babies hitting that lovely mark of no more bottles and no more pumping for Mommy! 


So far we love bananas, are so-so with yogurt, but our favorite is avocado!  They can’t get enough!  I’m slowly moving through the list I used with Easton, from the Super Baby Food book by Ruth Yaron.   I’m excited to see what they like, dislike, and to eventually feed them what we eat!  Please enjoy the messy face pics!


Hayden was not a fan of bananas!


It took Deacon a few days to get the hang out of it, but he wolfed his avocado down!


Emerson is a champ with food, if you can keep her thumb out of her mouth!


Brody will eat anything!


Easton is part of the action too!

Sleeping is good too!  They are sleeping through the night, with the boys only waking up maybe once or twice, if at all.  And that’s only when they end up smashed in a corner pretty much.  We did have to split them up though, because when the boys do wake up, they’d wake the girls too.  Plus they just need separate cribs! 


This is how Hayden and Emerson would wake up every day before we separated them.

So the girls now sleep in the upstairs nursery at night and the boys are still downstairs by us.  Then at nap time, the girls tend to wake up in the middle (still cursing the 45 minute intruder!), so Emerson is now sleeping in a pack n play in the office.  Hopefully not for long! 


Brody is our biggest still!  He’s 16lbs8ozs, and is 26 inches long.  He’s so happy, and laughs and smiles all the time.  Poor guy has some reflux, so he throws up a lot, but he smiles as he’s puking so at least he’s not in pain!  At the doctor we did get some bad news for our Brody, though.  He’s going to need surgery most likely.  Sparing the details, his inquinal tube did not close, and fluid is traveling south, and since it’s gotten worse, I am taking him to a pediatric urologist this Thursday for a consult.  I’ll update more on Brody Bear after our appointment.


Hayden is still our smallest, at 14lbs11ozs.  She is also 26″ long though, so she is our skinny minny!  Hayden has become our best baby lately!  She is such a good sleeper, and is very happy and content.  She is a great bouncer in the Jumparoo, and we love listening to her squeals of happiness! 


Emerson now weighs 15lbs12ozs.  She’s a big girl.  She’s also the tallest, though not by much, at 26 1/2″ long.  She’s not the biggest, but I have a feeling she will be the one in charge!  She certainly has the attitude.  Her screams of happiness can quickly turn to screams of anger!  But she loves attention and will smile and laugh.  She’s our thumb sucker, which is a much easier way of going to sleep than with the pacifier!  Plus it’s super cute 🙂


Deacon weighs just a bit less than Brody, at 16lbs4ozs, and is also 26″ long.  He’s such a sweet boy, and is so content all the time!  Lately, though, he is finding his voice, and will babble on and on.  Since he’s the only one with any substantial amount of hair, we love styling it.  Deacon is always sucking on his fingers.  He doesn’t have the mitts that Brody has, but he has chubby little paws!


As usual, Easton is having fun and being silly!  He’s such an amazing and funny boy… I can only hope the quads turn out like him!  We are still majorly into trains, and has gotten some new toys…


Some days, we regret the day he ever was introduced to “choo choo”, but they make him happy, and it could be a lot worse!!  It’s hard to balance time with him and time with the babies.  I feel so guilty because the babies are so demanding at this point, and he is the one who has to wait, or to play upstairs and not in the playroom downstairs, but he’s still happy and I’m sure it won’t stunt his growth at all 🙂

I could keep posting more and more pictures, but I’ll save them for another day 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the update on the babies!

14 thoughts on “We survived six months!!!

  1. I enjoy your updates about the quads and Easton…and yes this has been a fast 6mos…all will go well with Brody……

  2. You’re my inspiration! On days that really kick my butt having a 2 1/2 yr old & a 4 month old I remind myself that it could be harder.

  3. Going on 7m now over here too! Happy your little crew all are doing so well!!! They look so big and what lookers!!! Congrats!

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