Making Things a Little Simpler (& Greener!)

Back in a previous post, way back in another life before the quads were born, I posted about the log sheets and binder I had created. Since I don’t know how to link it here, you’ll have to find it yourself! Sorry!
Well, we were using so much paper and flipping through sheets for each baby, so I decided to create a new one.

This one has seven days on it, and you can see trends a lot easier. Hopefully my pediatrician agrees! I took out the column for sleep, because, who was I kidding, it would be a part-time job recording when they sleep and wake up. I know generally what they are doing in that department anyway. I also dropped the sections for medications, milestones and fun things. These things can all be written in the margins. Since I wanted a week on the page, there wasn’t more room for that stuff.

So what I’m left with is each day, with the four bottle times, a space to mark how many ounces they had, and a space to mark #1s and #2s. We successfully dropped the 915pm feeding so that put us at 4 bottles a day, where we will stay until they are done with bottles.
I’m not sure how much longer we will be recording this stuff because we stopped at six months with Easton and the quads hit that milestone Friday! I’ll ask the pediatrician when we go if she will still need to know about feedings and dirty diapers. I know I won’t remember, so it helps me to have it in this nice organized fashion.
Just thought I’d share, in case anyone out there is looking for an easy system to record your data. Enjoy!

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