Five Months Old

The babies are five months old!

It’s still crazy around here, but things have calmed down in some ways. The babies are sleeping through the night. They go to bed between 730&8pm and we wake them for a quick bottle at 945pm or so, and then it’s right back to bed until 7-8am. Not bad! Here’s how we do their nighttime bottle:

Boppy pillows are so helpful! Naps are also improving. They are sleeping so much better. When they do wake up (damn that 45 minute intruder!) they have gotten better at putting themselves back to sleep. Yay! The biggest troublemaker is Hayden, who has been known to cry for quite some time, but only cries harder if I go in. Some days it’s so hard – listening to her cry is painful and not easy to tune out!
We’ve been doing more tummy time lately.

This was mainly for the girls, since the boys are on their tummies a lot in bed and can both roll over!

The second time we put her on her tummy, Emerson rolled over onto her back!

Hayden, as you can see, can hold up her head quite well, and will soon be rolling over too!

Thought I’d share some cute soapy baby photos too. That’s Brody, our happy baby. Brody smiles, even as he’s throwing up.

Hayden is growing into those cheeks! Her eyes are getting so blue. She’s also getting some more blond hair. Watch out boys!

Emerson is our little doll. She’s going to be so pretty! She’s always talking and smiling.

Deacon is our sweet, chill baby. He’s always so content, and so cute!! He’s got the most hair, with a funny cowlick. Love his gummy smiles!



Easton continues to perfect his awesomeness. He’s still obsessed with trains, and I’m getting super good at building Thomas tracks. Easton is a giant goofball, and there’s never a dull moment in my day!! (Sometimes I’d really like some though!) He’s a great big brother and is so helpful – a good role model for his siblings.
Brian and I are still hanging in there. We’re always figuring out ways to make things run a bit smoother, and ways to have a little time to ourselves! He is playing ice hockey and I’m playing soccer – things we agreed on from the start!! I’ve been able to get out with my friends, and we try to go out on a date once a month. Love those nights!
Things I’m looking forward to: starting solids hopefully in a month, the babies learning to sit up on their own, and more family outings!! Oh and this weather to go away because it would be so nice to get out of the house for walks!

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