What a Year It’s Been!!

Time to play some catch-up again…I’m such a blogging slacker! Well, the babies were four months old on the 21st!

Big Man Brody is definitely following in his big brother’s footsteps! He’s 24″ long and weighs 13lbs4ozs. That’s 25th percentile! He’s got big bear paws and the cutest smile. He’s a happy baby too; he’s always giggling and talking! Brody is very ticklish under his arms. He’s also rolling over from his belly to his back now.

Hayden is our smallest little one. She’s 23 1/2″ long (10th%) and weighs 11lbs4ozs (25th%). Hayden is pretty shrill when she needs your attention, but once she gets it, she’s all smiles and giggles! I love her cute happy face! She also talks with her mouth closed, and is working on rolling from her back to her belly.

Emerson is a little bigger than Hayden, weighing 11lbs8ozs (25th) and 24" long (25-50th). Everyone says how beautiful Em is, with her doll face. She's definitely the loudest of the bunch!! She's also quite a talker, cooing and smiling up a storm! Emerson is always moving too; she may be my future soccer player with all the kicking she does!

Deacon is our biggest grower, and wins the biggest head contest!! He weighs 12lbs6ozs and is 23 1/2″ long (both 10th percentile). He also has the most hair and looks like a little GQ preppy boy. He’s become so smiley too and is talking. Deacon is such a content little boy. He can roll over too!

Easton is one crazy little dude! He’s in the testing phase, but he’s so stinkin cute I just can’t stay mad at him. We have so much fun together. He likes tackling and roughhousing, and right now his favorite thing is trains!! He loves Thomas, and got two new train sets for Christmas! Lucky boy!




For me and Brian, life has gotten much easier!! The babies have been sleeping through the night, which is amazing. Now we put them to bed after their 7pm bottle and just wake them for a 10pm bottle. Then they’ll sleep until 7am or so! We may have to go in sometimes to fix a pacifier, but overall way better. Naps are getting better too. They (and by “they” I mean the girls) are learning to NOT wake up halfway through naps and wake their brothers up. It makes my days with all five much easier, and I actually get a few minutes to sit down and relax!!

Sisters ❤
It's still hard to get stuff done, though, and I feel like I may never get to my To Do list until they are 18, but that's just something I'll have to accept. Right now these five little angels are my priority, and I just want to be the best mommy I can be.



Emerson hanging with Pugasaurus

How the boys end up sleeping


This has been a whirlwind, roller coaster year for our family, and though it brought good things, I’m happy to kiss it goodbye! I’m looking forward to a 2014 filled with fun and funny moments with my wonderful husband and our five amazing kids. I’m looking forward to meeting milestones, celebrating birthdays and five years of marriage. I’m looking forward to more good times with family and friends! I love you all, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has made this journey so much easier for us, whether it was a visit or a prayer sent up for us, a gift for the babies or a gift of Starbuck’s for me. We could do it without you all, but it would be a hundred times harder, so a big thank you to everyone who makes my life even a tad easier.
As I sit here curled up on a recliner under a blanket with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade watching New Year’s Rockin Eve on tv, counting the minutes until I can hit the pillow, I want to wish you all joy and happiness in 2014. All good things! Happy New Year


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