Growing so big!!

It’s been so long!! I meant to update after last Wednesday’s doctor appointment but time just sort of runs away from me. There’s just not enough hours in the day!
Anyway, the babies are all doing great and growing so big!!



“Butterball” Brody (AKA Easton’s Mini-Me)
is the biggest by far! He weighs in at a whopping 10lbs14ozs and is 22″ long. He is almost always smiling these days, and I can’t get enough of him!! He is more and more like Easton every day.



Hayden is our lightest baby, at 9lbs5ozs. She’s also 22″ long though, so she’s long and thin. Hayden looks different from the others, but still just as cute! I love her big blue eyes, especially when she’s smiling up at me!



Emerson makes her presence known! She loves to be held and walked around, and will certainly tell you when she wants to! She’s the tallest, at 22 1/2″ long, and weighs 9lbs11ozs. Between crying fits she loves smiling and cooing up at us.


Deacon is a very sleepy boy lately!! Maybe he’s growing even bigger…he’s also 22″ long, and weighs 10lbs. He’s gained so much in such a short time!
They are all growing faster than the ounce a day their doctor likes to see, so we’re happy! The sleeping situation has also gotten better. We decided to let them fuss a bit at night, and they’ve been able to soothe themselves back to sleep and skip the middle of the night bottle. Now we are also working on streamlining daytime naps. I was just saying yesterday that I wanted them on a set nap schedule like Easton was. I prefer predictability, not the catnap here and there that they’ve been taking.
Today was the best day ever! I fed them at 8am and they were all falling asleep in their Rock n Plays in the living room just before 9am. Easton kept yelling and startling them so I figured I’d move them to their bedroom. It dawned on me that it was about 9, and that’s when Easton had gone down for his morning nap. I put them in their with shades drawn and white noise playing just like at night. A fee times Hayden fussed and I went in there to pacify an rock her and she went back to sleep. Brody was up at 1030am and the others slept until 11 & 1130! It was great! I was able to have space to play with Easton, and eat and drink my coffee in peace. So then I fed them at noon and got them down for an afternoon nap by 115pm. Brody got up at 330pm and the others had to be woken up at 4 for a bottle. Since then they’ve taken short naps. We will feed them again at 8, and hopefully get them down easy for the night. It was a successful experiment today so I’m hoping every day can be like this!! My mother-in-law is going back to work tomorrow so I would love to keep a feeding and nap schedule.

Well I’m now done pumping with my little buddy here, so I’ll wrap this up with some fun shots of the kids.

That’s the girls, hanging out on the blanket.

The girls again, chillin out.

Easton playing in the leaves…

…and burping a baby doll. He’s so observant!!!

And here was a nice quiet moment. There’s so few…

6 thoughts on “Growing so big!!

  1. I’m so glad they’re taking good naps. Nothing better to give you that sense of “I can handle this”. It’s so cute that Easton’s mimicking caring for them. Annie’s doing a lot of that too. It’s sweet to watch.

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