We love the Rock ‘n Play!

We bought one of these for Easton, and we loved it. It’s lightweight, folds for easy storage and simple to clean. It keeps baby laying on an angle, which is great so they don’t spit up. It also hugs them and keeps them cozier than in the crib. I also like that they are up off the ground and easier to reach, plus they’re away from the dogs.
Now that we have the quads, they sleep in them too sometimes. We were so fortunate as to receive three more from family and friends, so each has one. Best of all, we learned that if you hook them together, you can rock all the babies at once!


3 thoughts on “We love the Rock ‘n Play!

  1. We got one for our daughter born in August. Best thing ever! That’s all she sleeps in. Wish I had it for my son when he was born!!!

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