Family Resemblance

So Brian doesn’t see it, but I totally think that Brody looks like Easton. He’s pale, blond, bald, with a big round head and the same nose. The picture quality isn’t good, but here, you be the judge!


Know which is which? Easton is on the top and Brody on the bottom. I really hope he follows in his brother’s cute footsteps!! He already is packing on the pounds like Easton did!!
As for the others, I can’t tell who they look like. I do know that there is a family resemblance between all of them, which I love. Between the quads, I think Deacon and Emerson look the most alike, but still are different enough to easily tell them apart. I’m happy they all look different!
I’m so excited to see them grow and discover what they will look like, and what their personalities will become. We are in for one great show!

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