Growing like weeds!

The babies are now 8 weeks old!! They are staying awake more, mostly because we are annoying them to keep them awake! It’s our newest plan to get them sleeping better at night. It’s been rough for Brian and I at night. This is kind of a regular occurrence:

We’ve also tried different kinds of formula to help their gassiness, in case that’s affecting their sleep. So far it hasn’t made much of a difference. They are still farting up a storm!
We took all four babies to the doctor yesterday. I had two helpers so it was a piece of cake. Thanks Mom and Peggy!


Brody is now 8lbs7ozs!!! I had guessed 7 1/2 because he was 6lbs12ozs only two weeks ago. So he is definitely meeting his ounce a day ideal growth!! He’s also tied for shortest, at 20 1/2in. Brody looks like Easton, and seems to be built like him too! He’s got the pale skin like E, and has lost most of the hair on top of his head. We call him the little old man, and he certainly is living up to it!!


Miss Hayden is our best sleeper! If they all could follow in her footsteps, we wouldn’t be so cranky all the time! We know if Hayden cries, he has a good reason! She’s tall and skinny, weighing 7lbs8ozs and stretching 21 1/2in long! She’s the tallest, but weighs the least. I love that she’s awake so much more now, so I can see her big, beautiful blue eyes.


Emerson is ever the contortionist! We have no idea how she sleeps in these positions, but as long as she’s sleeping we’re good!! She’s been up a lot at night, so more playtime during the day seems to help her sleep better then. Em is 7lbs12ozs and 21in long, so she falls right in the middle of them. She isn’t growing quite as fast as the others though, so she has to go back to the pediatrician in two weeks for a weight check, as opposed to four weeks for everyone else. We gotta beef her up a bit!! I call her an Angry Bird because she has quite a set of lungs! She’ll let you know when she’s upset! She screamed the loudest when she got her shot at the doctor, but quieted down right away.


Last but not least is our peanut Deacon. But he’s not really a peanut anymore!! He’s 7lbs10ozs and 20 1/2in long, so he’s tied for shortest, but is no longer the lightest!! He’s the biggest whiner when he has to be changed or bathed. He just want to stay cozy warm!



Easton is as busy as ever! He’s always outside with Pappy or Aunt Holly and Madison, and loving it!! He comes in covered in dirt so we know he’s having a blast! He’s a great big brother, and we’re so proud of him. He’s sweet to his siblings, and helping more around the house by putting his laundry in the hamper and cleaning up his toys. The Terrible Twos aren’t so terrible so far!! (Knock on wood!).

The pugs are missing out on some attention, but they are being good with the babies. They are spending a lot of time outside in this beautiful weather with their feline friend Jeter. He’s the last man standing of the colony of cats we had in the backyard, so we brought him to the animal shelter to get fixed, tested, vaccinated and protected as part if their trap and release program. Then we brought him back and let him go in our yard, where he rejoined his pack.


So there you have it! One big happy (tired) family!

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