Product Review: Wubbanubs

These are just too cute, on top of being functional. They are Soothie pacifiers with little stuffed animals attached. They look so cute using them!!


They cost anywhere from $12 to $18 that I’ve seen on Amazon and Babies R Us, and I’m glad I tried them! I had seen them on a blog written by another quad mom, and I figured if she recommended them, they were worth checking out!!
They still fall out of their mouths, but less. The best part about these, though, is that they are harder to lose!! We keep losing the little Soothie pacifiers the hospital gave us (which by the way are the only ones they will use), so these are amazing for us. And they look so darn cute with them! I bought the giraffe and the monkey off Amazon, and just ordered the elephant and the frog! We keep losing the other three regular pacifiers in the couches, blankets and even under the babies! There’s tons of animals to choose from; it was hard to pick even four of them! If they were cheaper I’d buy a couple more sets to keep in the diaper bag and the car seats but we can make do with four if them. We don’t leave the house that much!!
I’m not super happy they are taking pacifiers, but I’ve embraced them to get some peace and quiet, and the Wubbanubs give us even more of that!!

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