Full term!!

We’ve reached full term!! Today was my original due date. So now their adjusted age is zero weeks, but chronologically they are seven weeks old. I’m excited to now be able to compare them to their peers and see how they are doing. They are each probably close to seven pounds now, so they are just like typical babies now! I’m looking forward to seeing when they reach developmental milestones.

Photo shoot!! We put the babies’ name bracelets on and tried to catch a good picture of them. Those are Aunt Holly’s feet caught in the pic.

They don’t stop moving their feet, as you can see. Here’s a pic of the bracelets, made by Jan at http://www.justforkids.com. Of course they are color coded for each baby, and have their names. So cute!!

The babies are taking turns keeping us up at night, which is rough. My two cups of coffee daily are more vital than ever now!! Sometimes I think we are getting used to the lack of sleep, and sometimes I think it’s really taking its toll on us. I know this phase won’t last forever, but it’s hard to remember that when you are struggling to stay calm as your baby wakes up screaming two minutes after you’ve rocked her to sleep. The boys seem to have a little reflux, and all are so gassy!! I don’t know if this is what’s keeping them up, or if it’s because they sleep too much during the day, or some other reason. So we are trying things like floor play time and gas relief drops to see if anything helps them to sleep better at night.

It’s hard to stay mad at these cuties though!! They are good, sweet babies and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!
Here we are going for a walk. I had Emerson and Easton, while Brian pushed the others in the triple stroller. We must be a crazy sight!

My doctor said I could take walks but still no real exercise since I’m having leg and hip pain. She thinks it could be a pulled ligament, or due to muscle atrophy from being on bed rest so long, and prescribed physical therapy to see if that helps. Hopefully insurance will cover it! I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss it seems, or it’s just slowed way down, so I’m anxious to work out. I’ve gotta counteract my terrible eating habits!! I’ve got a crazy sweet tooth lately, and though I try to eat well, I’m not ready to give up my treats. I’ve got about 22 lbs more to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and a belly to flatten!!
Easton is a great big brother. He is trying to interact with the babies more. He gives them kisses goodnight. It’s so sweet!

Well, right now the babies are supposed to be sleeping but Emerson keeps interrupting my blogging and my catching up on X Factor. Story of my life I suppose. With less than an hour left until the next feeding, I’m going to wrap this up and try to rest while Brian takes a turn with her. Praying for a quiet night and some decent sleep tonight!


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