39 weeks!

Love these little baby feet!
Another week down, and one week away from being full term!! Life continues to be crazy busy, but we are rolling with the chaos. It’s not bad during the day; it’s really just the overnights that are killing us. The kids take turns crying at night, mostly from 10pm-1am, which really is rough on us. And with no chance to sleep during the day, it really makes my twice-a-day caffeine fix a necessity. When I don’t have my coffee around 3pm or so, I get really exhausted and really depressed feeling. Maybe I need it fed continuously to me intravenously! I’m just keeping my eyes forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, when we can sleep more.
I took the babies to the pediatrician again, but two at a time this week! She said when they reach 10 lbs each we can let them sleep through and eat on demand. We’re hoping to drop that 1am feed! We also can take them to the doctor every two weeks now, which makes life easier.


Brody is now 6lbs12ozs, which makes him the heaviest! He has been our squeaky wheel thus far, but the others are stepping up and crying at night too. He’s been super gassy so we tried taking him off the supplemental formula but he’s still tootin up a storm so back to milk and formula for him!


Hayden is now 6lbs7ozs, so she is growing so fast!! She has been our best eater and best sleeper, but still takes her turn screaming at night!!


Emerson is also 6lbs7ozs, and also growing well! She’s our little contortionist, sleeping in such uncomfortable positions!


I call Deacon “Peanut” because he seems so much tinier than the others, but he’s caught up with his sisters, at 6lbs6ozs. But he’s still my little monkey!


We went for a walk as a family, which was great! It was nice to get out and get some exercise and fresh air, two things that are hard to come by these days! Easton had a blast riding in his seat, happily munching on his apple.



Speaking of apples, which are his new favorite food, Easton had a fun time going apple picking with his Aunt Holly and cousin Madison.

He also loved painting his pumpkin! As you can tell, Easton is unphased by having four siblings all of a sudden. He’s always been very chill and easygoing, but we also thank Aunt Holly and Pappy and other family and friends for spending time with him and doing fun things with him. It’s made this huge life change easy for him!
Much easier than for Brian and I! I doubt we will get used to the change in sleep pattern, but hopefully that will shift again soon and give us some more sleep.
Regardless of how tired I am, or down my mood may be at times, I look at my babies every day and I’m amazed for one thing, that these angels are all here and so healthy. I’m also amazed at my luck that all these beautiful, perfect little babies are all mine! I’m so proud to be their mommy, and so excited for the future of our family, as cluttered and chaotic as it is!

9 thoughts on “39 weeks!

  1. I so love these updates and being able to watch the babies grow. They are beautiful and you are blessed.

  2. They are improving each day, love to read about them and your family. Hope you are having help with your growing family. God Bless!

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