Product Review: Bebe Bottle Sling

We are always looking for anything to simplify our lives over here. Brian found the Bebe Bottle Sling, and decided to give it a shot.

The verdict is…..worth the money! Brian ordered them off Amazon for $13 each. Sounds like a lot when you are buying four of them, but try feeding quads!! We like to feed them all at once so we can finish the process in an hour or less. These slings are easily adjusted for height and help the bottles stay in their mouths so they can keep drinking while we monitor them, or burp or change another baby. They aren’t foolproof, as the babies still push the bottle nipples out with their tongues at times, but overall they help. Once the baby and bottle are positioned in such a way that the bottle is angled toward their mouth for good milk flow, and can easily sit right in their mouths, they are ready to go!!
Can feeding be done without them? Sure, but it’s not quite as easy!

If anyone has any suggestions I other products for us, please let me know! More reviews to come!

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Bebe Bottle Sling

  1. Funny you write a post about this…..

    I have the LeachCo Keep-It-Up Bottle Props and love them, since we feed our triplets in their Boppy Heirloom Loungers. I saw the Bebe Slings on Amazon and thought about it for a bit. But the thing is feeding them in their car seats. Does that not put too much pressure on their little tummies? My thoughts are yes, but then again we have 3 with acid reflux. My only other concern is with them being able to push the bottle out of their mouths with their tongues is whether or not it will hurt them in doing so. The possibility of the bottle swinging forward and striking them is somewhat of a turn off. Another reason we decided to stay with the LeachCo.

    IF you want more of a reclined feed with the babies propped and snuggled, personally I’d go with the LeachCo Keep-It-Up bottle props.

    Here’s the website:

    They sell them on Amazon as well, and they’re a bit cheaper…. 🙂


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