38 weeks…that’s 5 weeks old!

The babies are 38 weeks today. Getting closer to that full-term mark! They all went to the doctor yesterday.

All are doing great, and growing so fast!

Brody is now the shortest at 19 1/4″, but the heaviest at 6lbs3ozs.

Hayden is the tallest at 20 1/2″, and weighs 5lbs15ozs.

Emerson is 20″ long and weighs 6lbs2ozs now.

Deacon is 19 1/2″ long and the lightest at 5lbs13ozs.

We’re so happy to have our whole family all together, and we’re excited to make it through the next few hectic months and start having some fun!! Like sleeping through the night!! Daddy tries to sneak in a little catnap with his boys when he can.

We are so grateful for all the continued love and support, and all of the kindness and generosity we’ve experienced from family and friends. We feel so special to have everyone on this ride with us!!

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