Guess who’s home!! And coming home soon!!

Brody and Emerson came home on Friday!!! We are so excited and happy to have two of our babies home. It’s been crazy, but wonderful. Bittersweet, though. It was really hard to leave Deacon and Hayden behind, even though I know they are in excellent hands. Soon though! Deacon is doing perfectly off caffeine, and Hayden is in an open crib!! I cried when the nurse told me over the phone. Of course, that was partially due to the fact that I’m completely exhausted! On top of waking up in the night to feed babies, we had Easton’s 2nd birthday party over the weekend and I’m totally wiped out!! It was only immediate family but that still is like thirty people!!! It was a great time though, and the birthday boy certainly enjoyed himself. Still, I’m glad that’s over, and we are working on settling into a routine around here. Of course it’s been hard because Brian has been away, and everyone else seems to be sick or hurt around here! But I’ve had the help of family and friends which is nice. It’s just hard taking care if the babies, Easton, getting to the nicu, scheduling help, as well as keeping up with household chores like dishes and laundry. I forget to eat!! Every time I sit down with a break, I remember something else that needs to be done. I’m drinking more and more coffee these days!! I’m sure once everyone is home and well we can settle into a routine and it will get easier. Plus I have to get used to less sleep and getting up in the middle of the night!
Another update, since I started writing this post days ago and never finished:

Deacon is supposed to come home tomorrow!!! I’m so happy to have another one of my babies home so quickly.
And Hayden…

won’t be far behind!!! If all goes well she could be home in 3-4 days!! Plus she’s the biggest, at 3lbs9ozs!
I will update more, I promise!!! I can’t wait to have Brian home again!


7 thoughts on “Guess who’s home!! And coming home soon!!

  1. oh they look great and this is such awesome news. i have no idea how u are handling things with brian gone. i wouldnt be able to do it . keep it up though! sounds like everything is all coming together now.:)

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