A Quick Quad Update


Sorry it’s been so long! It’s just been crazy, with taking care of stuff at home, being with Easton and seeing the babies.
The biggest news is that on the 30th, Deacon moved in with his sister and brother!! So now there are three if them over in the stepped down nursery. That’s deacon in the picture above, sleeping peacefully in Mommy’s arms. They seem to be so happy and content when we hold them. I love it! Deacon has had some episodes where his oxygen saturation decreases too much, but is doing well for his age. All three of them in the SCN are working on staying awake for their bottle feedings. If they do t finish, they have to have the rest of it through their feeding tubes. Deacon is making it through about half, while Emerson and Brody have been drinking most of theirs. Brody is trying to get home before his sister now because he’s been drinking all of his milk from his bottle for the past couple days!!
Hayden is improving each day. She is turning out to be the feisty one! She is still on CPAP, but is trying to pull it out. Today she pulled it out and was able to keep it out for a little while. Her breathing started to be too rapid so she still needs it, but that’s showing us she’s almost ready to have it out! She’s gained back all of the weight she’s lost and then some! We’re so proud of our little fighter!! I love cuddling with her, and have figured out that when she cries, which is rare, patting her on the back and shushing calms her down right away! She’s getting stronger every day, and hopefully will be with the rest of her siblings soon.
In the meantime, we are continuing to prepare for the babies here at home. I’m feeling so much better and I’m able to walk longer and sleep much more comfortably. We took Easton to the park to see the animals and play on the playground this weekend. He loved his mommy and daddy time! I loved spending the morning with two of my boys!


18 thoughts on “A Quick Quad Update

  1. You are amazing! and your little angels are so beautiful…and strong! you must be so proud. I can’t wait to here the news that you are all home and settled in. will continue our prayers for your incredible family. All our love, Erin Vollers & Steve Anton

  2. πŸ™‚ Love that the babies are doing so well! I followed your lead. My lil boy was born at 32w5d on 08/30. He is in NICU and doing well. Love seeing your updates. Never knew it was so hard having a little one in the NICU I cant imagin 4. I want to spend all my time there but I cant! Congrats on having 3 in the step down! We are in feed and grow mode over here.. seems like waiting paint dry.. willing the lbs to pack on and barley seeing an oz! LOL. Congrats again on everyone’s progress

  3. I know you are really busy with 4 so if you don’t want to no worries. We have a private FB group for Oct thread. So far your 4 and mine are the Aug babies.. but We already have 3 Sept babies! If you want to join feel free to email me so I can tell you how to join the group! Pracevedo@comcast.net
    don’t worry if you don’t want to.. I don’t know when you would have time to facebook with 5 kids!

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