More Big News!

Well, Brody decided he couldn’t let Emerson go next door by herself…he moved over to the stepped down nursery with her! Both are doing great, and probably enjoying the peace and quiet. There are only a couple other babies there, so less alarms and chaos! Brody is working on building his endurance to stay awake for his bottles. Here’s Brody, sleeping in Mommy’s arms:

Here’s Emerson, sleeping in Daddy’s arms:

Miss Hayden was taken off CPAP this morning!! She’s doing pretty well; she is just working on keeping her breathing regular. Now we can see her cute chubby cheeks!

Deacon is still doing well off the feeding tube so far. He’s just gotta stay awake long enough to finish all his milk!

Big bro Easton is doing great! He’s always happy, no matter what he’s doing! Today he had fun with his Aunt Holly and cousin Madison at Jump Zone.

Everyone is wonderful and we couldn’t be happier!!

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