Day 4 Update!

Here are some new pics of the babies from today! I hope I don’t get any mixed up lol.
First up is Brody, my handsome man. He is doing well off CPAP and is being fed milk by the feeding tube.

Next comes Hayden. She is still on the CPAP. They tried to take her off but had to put her back on because of apnea. She would hold her breath. She is also now being fed milk through her feeding tube. I got to hold her for the first time this morning! She was upset but seemed so happy and content in my arms 🙂

Then comes Emerson. She is still doing great. She had to have a feeding tube put in because she wasn’t drinking all of her milk from the bottle. She got too tired to finish!

Finally we get to Deacon. He went off CPAP last night and is doing great! He’s also off the phototherapy for jaundice. I got to hold him for the first time today!

We’re so happy with how well these little fighters are doing!! I’ve now gotten to hold all of them which is just wonderful. And they are opening their eyes to say hi too which I love!! Tomorrow daddy will take a turn! He’s a little nervous because they are so small but I think the babies need to spend quality time with daddy too.
As for me, I’m doing much better today. The pain is a lot better and I can move around a little easier. I still get tired so fast! My poor body is used to being on bed rest. Plus I take Tylenol plus codeine around the clock to manage the pain. I got some decent sleep last night finally too which helps! And my appetite is pretty good again. I’m set to go home later on tomorrow although I’d rather stay here longer!
I’ll get to the labor and delivery story at some point when I have more energy to type it all out! For now I’ll just focus on the updates.

24 thoughts on “Day 4 Update!

  1. Oh my goodness….it is amazing that you have the energy to keep us updated….you are awesome!!!! What a wonderful way to honor your little miracles and your entire family, Kerry. God Bless you all!!!

  2. Kerri, they all (and you!) look so great! Continued prayers that everything goes well! (SO impressed that you are able to post pics and update!)

  3. Kerry…congratulations and much happiness to you all. They are all beautiful and you are amazing for keeping us updated. Continuing to keep you all in good thoughts and prayers.

  4. These babies are truley amazing they look like you and Brian too. I love the blog keep it up. Kerri those babies will be great just think where they will be in three or four months. Those clothes and toys will be waiting . God bless!!

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