Two Days Old!

My wonderful array of fine jewelry. A beautiful fashion statement! I have my bracelet and one for each of the babies. And I’m a fall risk again lol, as well as allergic to one of the medications. The nurse was disappointed she couldn’t give me any more pretty colored bracelets!

The babies are doing so good! They are in isolettes today for temperature control, and Emerson and Brody are a little jaundiced so they are getting some time under the lights.
Brody, Hayden and Deacon all have the CPAP, the tubes to their noses, which provides them oxygen. Yesterday they were at 22% oxygen, and today they are down to 21% oxygen, which is normal room temperature air. Hayden sometimes will need it bumped back up. So basically at 21% the purpose of the tube is to help them with the pressure of inflating their lungs. None of the babies needed to be intubated, so that was great news!!
Emerson is the feisty rock star of the group. She doesn’t need the CPAP! So when I went to visit them today, I got to hold her and feed her a bottle!!!

I cried! It was something I didn’t expect to be doing, especially so soon. It was so amazing! Here is a good look at her, and a pic of Mommy, Daddy and Emerson.


I wasn’t able to hold anyone else, and won’t until they get their tubes out. But I am able to reach in and touch them. Brody held my finger so tight!

Hayden was all snuggled up on her belly sleeping so peacefully.

That’s all the news I have for now on the babies, and all the pictures. I’ll post more as I have it! I’m working on the labor and delivery story so I’ll post that hopefully tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Two Days Old!

  1. So happy for you! RVMOM’s send there love, hope and wishes…..also everyone wants to let you know that if there is anything you need…please let us know!!!

  2. They r so adorable! I’m about 2 weeks behind when u delivered. This is definitely making me want time to fly so I can be holding my little guy. Its crazy to think they were all 4 in there! And that my baby is probably about that size! Such miracles.

  3. The fall risk bracelet is too funny.. also cried out of happiness for the first time in my life after our second baby was born.. Take care and lots of luck with everything!!!

  4. OMG they all look amazing! Emerson seems so big for such a early baby!!!! Congrats and I got teary eyed just looking at the pics! Beautiful new additions!

  5. Congrats to you, I am glad all is ok. Hope and pray that you have wonderful life together. Now is when life tests will start. Love you all, God Bless

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