They are here!! I will
Post when I feel up to it the story of labor and birth. For right now I’m sleep and food deprived, as well as drugged up. Before I nap, here’s their weights and lengths:

Baby A – Brody: 4lbs 3.7oz, 18.5in long born at 7:56am. The rest are a minute apart.
Baby B – Hayden: 4lbs 2oz, 18.5in long
Baby C – Emerson: 4lbs 5oz, 17in long
Baby D – Deacon: 3lbs 13oz, 17.5in long

They are doing wonderfully. I’ll also post an update on them when I’m feeling better. For now, enjoy the pictures above!


54 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I am so glad. I was very nervous for you the whole day. I busted out laughing at my work meeting. We took a moment and shared your story and everyone was happy for you Keri. ETS knows these babies already. Love you sooooo much!!!! Congrats Mom and Dad and Big Brother Easton.

  2. AMAZING! They all look so beautiful and healthy! Congrats Kerry, Brian and E! You are in for a very wonderful journey– remember your family and friends are always here to help!

  3. Kerry and Brian, We are so very happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS on four healthy children. Kerry, what an amazing effort for you. Glad they are all healthy. Take care of yourself. Love, The Heritages



  5. Hurray!! Kudos to you girl for all your hard work and success! So many names to choose! Ha! Best luck and let us know how we can help!!
    -Megan from RvMoMs

  6. Congratulations Kerry and Brian…and big brother Easton too!! I’ve been following your blog for months and we are so happy for ALL of you…Susan and Lew Fischman (Brielle’s parents)

  7. OH MY GOD! What gorgeous pics. I am soo sooo happy for you! I love all their names and they look so precious. I just love reading your updates. I hope that you are getting the rest that you need to keep up those beautiful babies. Sending my love! xoxo

  8. thanks to God for the miracle he has done.Congratulation ,the brave mom,and the angles who come to the world.God bless you and your family.

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