Getting close!

Well, just a couple days to our goal of 32 weeks, and ten days to our scheduled birthdate for these babies!  And I’m definitely feeling like it!  This belly has gotten so huge, it hurts to carry it around, and generally just to move!  I can’t really sit up because it smooshes my belly too much and it hurts.  So I sit reclined all the time, including to eat, and I pretty much spill on myself at each meal.  At this point, sadly, I don’t even care!  I figure if I manage a shower each day I’m doing good.  Thank goodness they put a little bench in the shower.  Otherwise I’d be dirty and messy!

My wifi here has gotten worse.  I didn’t think it was possible, but now I can’t do anything on my phone.  No Facebook!  I can at least text and get some emails though.  For some reason my laptop is working ok though, so it’s something!

Last night was a good night though.  Breaking Bad returned!  Thank goodness I have AMC here.  Today was pretty good too, once Easton and Brian arrived this afternoon.  Easton was so sweet.  He hugged my belly and was rubbing it.  It was too cute!  Of course, he doesn’t cooperate for a picture, but it was a good moment for me.

We had another biophysical profile today and all the babies are still doing great!  The tech showed me great views of the boys’ profiles and printed out pics of them for me.  I tried to add them to this post, but because of the lousy connection I can’t get it to work. The girls were being shy (or difficult) and wouldn’t show their faces.  On tap for tomorrow is more bloodwork, and then Wednesday is our big growth scan!  It’s scheduled for 730am, which is crazy early, but my doctor wanted it early in case they had to take the babies after if something isn’t good.  Thursday to Friday I get to repeat my 24-hour urine collection.  Joy!  With the last one, they found my protein was slightly higher than they like to see.  The cutoff for normal is 300, and mine was in the high 300s.  Not enough to get worried about, but the doctor wants to repeat it to make sure it doesn’t get into the danger zone, which is closer to 1000.  Thursday I also get another biophysical profile, and I’ll be celebrating hitting 32 weeks (hopefully)!  With all this going on, I’m hoping the week flies by.

Keep thinking 32!!  And think big for Wednesday!  We want these babies to be close to 4 pounds!

8 thoughts on “Getting close!

  1. yay!!! getting more and more excited for you and your family. I cant wait to see pictures!!! TRY (that’s the golden word) and get some rest….before you know it, the day will be here 🙂

  2. Thinking of you, Brian, Easton and especially the Fabulous Four !!! Very excited for you all. Take it e-z, I know you have no choice. Warm wishes going your way. Take care – Susan Tappe

  3. Its Wednesday! Hoping the babies are all 4 pounds now. Really looking forward to hearing of their arrival next week. 🙂 Although I’m sure that updating will be pretty impossible for a bit. You all will be in my thoughts.

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