One week to our goal!


We made it to 31 weeks! So exciting because the end is getting closer! I won’t post any pictures of me because ugh, so here’s a selfie of my lopsided belly.
So here’s the news: I get biophysical profiles every Monday and Thursday, and we will have a growth scan next Wednesday, and if all stays well between now and then, my doctor said they will deliver the babies the following week. He said around the 19th or 20th. We have no set date as of yet; I’m guessing we will see how the growth scan is and then schedule it then. It’s so close, and I’m so relieved and excited. I know these babies are good sizes, and hopefully the growth scan will show them even bigger! Of course, if anything isn’t what it should be prior to then, they will take the babies earlier. But for some reason I feel like they are fine and will continue to be fine until the doctor wants to deliver them. He said they would take them then no matter what because it gets harder to monitor them and see if there’s a problem because there’s so many of them! In any case, I’m excited to meet these little babies who have been kicking me like crazy for so long.

Yesterday was not such a fun day for me. I started getting dizzy spells around 11am, and it went on all day until I went to bed at around 11pm. I’d feel it if I turned my head fast, or sat up quickly, and especially when I got up to use the bathroom. I didn’t feel faint, and I didn’t lose my balance, but it was still obnoxious! I worried that it might mean something was wrong and it would affect the babies, so I told my nurse. Thus began the endless parade of nurses, doctors, residents and medical students in and out of my room throughout the day. I lost track of how many times they checked my heart and lungs, my blood pressure, and how many questions I had to answer. I wish I had never said anything! Finally they determined it was probably some type of positional vertigo due to allergies or a cold. I have been somewhat congested, so that made sense. They prescribed Nasonex and a med I could take to help when I was dizzy. But then I remembered that through last fall and winter I had fluid in my ears, and got vertigo and eventually ear infections, and the dizzy med just made me sick. So I didn’t take anything except some Nasonex this morning. Luckily, overnight and this morning I haven’t really had any dizzy spells. Hopefully that was just a one day thing! Who needs that, with all the other aches and pains I’m dealing with!!

The littlest things are major chores for me. Taking a shower knocks me out!! I don’t even have the energy or desire to lift my head to eat breakfast after I shower. Thank goodness there’s a bench in the shower I can fold down and sit on. Today, even just walking to the bathroom is awful because the groin pain is again worse today. This belly just weighs too much! And to top it off, my doctor is making me do a 24-hour urine collection to make sure there’s no protein, and that I’m not developing pre-eclampsia. Let me tell you how much fun it is to measure my urine, write it down and pour it into a container kept on ice!! Especially when it hurts to bend over and stand.

Can you tell I’ve hit the point of being done? You mamas know what I’m talking about – the last month or so of pregnancy where you just want to scream at the baby to get out because you are so uncomfortable. I haven’t done that yet though, because I want them to stay in there longer, but I don’t want them to stay in there longer!!!! Fast forward please!!

Getting away from my complaining, the babies continue to thrive. Their heart rates are wonderful, and the biophysical profile this morning showed good fluid levels and blood flow with each of them. I think I’ve got some strong little fighters in here!! Hopefully they will keep that up after they are born.

Keep thinking 32!!! I really hope we make our ultimate goal, and I think we will! Your support is really helping us to get there, so thank you!

12 thoughts on “One week to our goal!

  1. Congrats on making it to 31 weeks Kerry!! You and the babies are in our nightly prayers with Mason! Sending lots of love and good vibes your way!!

  2. Amazing!! 31!! Bring on 32 and then bring on a Happy Healthy Quad Birthday!! I’m sorry you are feeling so lousy! I wish I could take some of it on for you! Keep thinking positive… sending positive energy your way!

  3. Awesome!! Great job! Those babies are incredible. I can only imagine what you’re going through, you’re amazing because I’m just 34 weeks and only carrying one baby and showering is a bit of a challenge for me, haha. I’ll think of you every time I want to complain haha you have all of us preggos beat! Hope you get to eat some yummy food at least while you’re there!!

  4. So excited to hear you made it to the goal! I am only carrying one and due in October and some days I am ready to issue and eviction notice too!

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