30 weeks 4 days

Here’s the current countdown to our final goal of 32 weeks!


Oh my gosh I cannot tell you how much pain I’m in! Walking is the worse for me right now. I don’t know if baby A dropped yesterday or what, but when I walk it’s excruciating in the groin area! I walk like an old lady now when I need to, taking very tiny steps. It’s awful! Nervous Brian wanted me to talk to the doctor immediately and ask if I could have an ultrasound. He’s so cute 🙂 But I waited until this morning, and the doctors said this is totally normal, and pretty much inevitable since there’s four in there. Also that if baby or babies are dropping, it doesn’t necessarily mean delivery is imminent. So we are all still doing well! I had a ultrasound biophysical profile done this morning and all the babies are still doing great!

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